Two Blocks and Peeling Lots of Paper

It rained all day today. I’m pretty sick of the rain. I did get out to take my boys for a walk in the rain after dinner. We all just had to get out.

There was no beautiful evening light at 8:00 tonight.

But there were two very wet dogs. These boys did enjoy a good towel off when we got home… the best part of the rain for them.

After our walk I hit my sewing room to sew up a couple of blocks. By the time I got them done is was after 10 pm and that was all I had the oomph for.

I’m loving this new set of fabrics I cut the other day. Here’s the first four blocks made from those fabrics.

I’m really liking the little bit of additional color in those batiks.

Here’s the blocks in amongst all the other blocks — lower right corner. Making progress! It’s starting to look like an actual quilt.

That’s 25 blocks done. More than half way.

When I finished these two blocks I decided that I would start tearing the paper off the back of the 16 blocks that I hadn’t attacked yet.

I thought I might do five or six and leave the rest to tackle during a long work meeting tomorrow morning. I sat down in front of the TV and dug in.

The good news is that I got the paper removed from all 16 blocks!!!

And I feel like someone is watching me…

Hmmm. I really do need to take that tree down this weekend.

And Bender is, apparently exhausted from his lack of activity today.

He’s been sleeping like that for an hour-and-a-half!

We’re supposed to get a lot of rain over the next few days. I’m really tired of it. It can stop any day now. I’d love to see a few sunny spring days.

25 Replies to “Two Blocks and Peeling Lots of Paper”

  1. Hi anna,
    I love your new design on this quilt and the pop of colour in the middle. I can’t wait to see it when you’ve finished the top and I’m looking forward to seeing what you pick to go around it’s all to frame it.
    Thank you for always making me question colours and what materials I can put together outside my comfort zone.

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  2. Loving the new blocks! Had to laugh when I saw the tree, I thought…. Didn’t she say she was taking it down last month 🤣🤣🤣
    Here’s to Spring 🌷🌷🌷
    Enjoy your weekend 🐣

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  3. i spent couple days in home town McMinnville Last weekend. I keep an eye on weather there because family & friends. Down poured like a curtain pulled & intermittently hail storms! Sooo, I got a taste of your posts. Again, Anne your posts of progress are great. Loving the pattern as a favorite, that i hope to try someday. Life gets in the way, yet i treasure it all. My injured 8 yr old dawg keeps me busy & 3 fabric projects in works, aren’t getting my attention as anticipated. Love your new batik additions. Your paper piecing process is gorgeous, and progress is astonishing.
    Thank you for sharing so much,

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    1. I hope you had time to visit Boersma’s while you were in McMinnville. A lovely fabric store!

      It looks like spring may finally be here. But so late! Weather still isn’t grand.

      I’m trying to stay focused on these blocks so I actually finish all 48!



      1. Boersma’s is where my 21st century sewing machine is from. I do love that shop. My nearest go to shop up here is Leavenworth WA, and they never disappoint:)) Always enjoy seeing your adventures & progress!

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    1. This would be pretty boring without all that color in the centers! I love it!

      These papers actually remove nicely. The templates are printed on newsprint so it doesn’t leave much behind.



  4. I love the peeks of lime green and sunburst orange! Hi Rico and Bender 🥰
    Spring is on its way! I went to my 1st BOM. So many ladies and lots of inspiration. Everyone liked my Franken bag 😊. Enjoy the weekend!

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