Hexagon Quilt Almost Ready to Assemble

I had one last piece of fabric I wanted to buy this weekend to see if it works as a grey background in my hexagon quilt.

A friend suggested that I try the silver spots, so I bought a yard thinking it would certainly work. Well, it doesn’t. I tried it on the design wall and it’s flat, boring and blah.



All of the other treys are dynamic… they have movement in their design and they have color. This polka dot really didn’t work.

So I set about arranging the three grey fabrics I have, and came up with this design. it’s pretty much a done deal except that I’m going to have to play with the top and bottom edges to make that work, but I’ve been thinking about it and have some ideas on how to make it work.


Once this quilt is done I’m going to have to enlist my friend Heather to photograph it for me, because it just doesn’t photograph very well for me.

Later this week I’ll start sewing the diagonal rows together. I’m hoping that I was careful enough with my blocks that it all goes together nicely!

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