Thinking About My Scrappy Hexagons

I’ve hit a bit of a stopping point with my hexagon quilt with the grey backgrounds. I’ve landed on a final arrangement and have started adding the greys, but I’m a bit stuck until I get the final grey fabric on Saturday.

So I spent some time tonight looking at my stash to try out some ideas for the background for my hexagon quilt that I’ll make from the scraps from my hexagon quilt. I’ve got all of the triangles cut and sorted, so I’ll be ready for the background soon.

I’ve been thinking I want to use a yellow background… probably Kaffe’s yellow paper weight.


Unfortunately, I only have small scraps of this, so it’s hard to get an idea of how it will look with my blocks. But the more I think about it, but more I think it’s not right.

So I pulled out some other fabrics and tried them out with the scrappy blocks and the backing I’m going to use for this quilt. And I came up with a couple that I really like.

Of all the ones I tried, I think the yellows are my least favorite. I like the polka dot one, but not the more solid yellow. But it’s not giving me the effect I was hoping for.

I really like the more solid yellow with the backing, but it’s not very exciting with the colorful blocks.

I tried some blue. The light blue was a fail. I like the darker blue, and the blocks are really bold on that darker background. But i want more of a contrast with the backing. So I’ll probably rule out the blue.

So here’s the current winner. The polka dot is sort of a fuchsia with orange/yellow dots. the blocks play well on it, and it’s amazing with the backing. I love the brightness and boldness of this fabric, especially since my current quilt has grey backgrounds. So I’m hungry for something bold.


I’ll probably look at some more options while I’m at the quilt shop this weekend, with a lot of the spots color ways. Maybe I’ll find something even better!

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