Scrappy Hexagon Blocks Done!

I told myself that I wanted to finish my scrappy hexagon blocks this weekend, and I finally dug in this afternoon and finished the last 8 blocks!


All I have to do is cut a few more blue spots triangles and then I can start putting the diagonal rows together. It will all go together quickly from this point because the blocks are big. Most of the work has been done.

I just love these blocks. How can you go wrong with a scrappy collection of Kaffe, Phillip and Brandon fabrics? They are so amazing and the colors are so bold and bright.


I even celebrated with my first beer since the end of January! It was delicious. It made me a little light headed! It was worth the 240 calories!


I’ll chunk away at putting these rows together over the next couple of weeks. And I need to decide which project I’ll finish next. I’m thinking I’ll start working on finishing up my crumb blocks quilt. You can see it on my blog here here, and here. (sorry… they’re not listed here in chronological order.)

You can also find some blog posts about this scrappy hexagon quilt here, here, and here.

5 Replies to “Scrappy Hexagon Blocks Done!”

    1. It’s loosely based off of Brandon Mabley’s My Fair Lady pattern in the book Kaffe Quilts Again. I made the hexagons out of strip sets of 2.5 in strips. All the pieces are equilateral triangles. You can probably find a tutorial online for how to make this.


    1. I think my only variation was that I used 2.5 inch strips and the pattern calls for strips that aren’t all 2.5 inches. Of course, the colors are very different. I actually saw one like the one I made posted on the Kaffe Fassett Collective page on Facebook and just love it and pretty much copied it. My fabrics weren’t the same, but I used most of the same background colors. the other quilt turned out a little softer looking than mine.


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