Hexagon Quilt Top Is Finished!


I finished the top for my Kaffe Fassett Collective hexagon quilt last night. And I love it!

I am going to add a small border of the grey Guinea Flower fabric to give the illusion that the blocks are floating. Then I’ll piece the back and get it off to my long arm quilter.

I really had fun putting this quilt together. Each block was prettier than the next, and some of the fabric combos are just breathtaking.

Of all the blocks, this purple and orange one at the bottom center is my favorite!


The greys photograph much better close up. They are vibrant and have movement! And they’re so pretty with the bright colors.

This quilt went together really easily. I was really careful to be as accurate as possible with each block and the attached triangles, knowing that the final construction would go better if everything was accurate.

I pinned…. a lot! I wanted to make sure that my points and seams matched as well as possible. There are a few that are off a little, but it’s really accurate for the most part.


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