In the Pouch Groove

I’m chunking along getting all my unfinished pouches done. One more set to go. And now I want to cut some more — I want to take some on vacation with me later in the summer.

Here are the latest few to be completed.

IMG_2412 2IMG_2415 2IMG_2418IMG_2426IMG_2429IMG_2414 2

I’m itching to do something different for awhile. I might do some paper piecing to put in pouches. Or I’m thinking of some wonky stars.

I have more ideas than I have time!

3 Replies to “In the Pouch Groove”

    1. Hahahaha! I do make a lot of them. The reason I like them is because I can always do something new in the design, but end up with something really functional, and a quick project to finish. I love making quilts, but really… how many quilts do I need?


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