Wonky Star Pouch

I’ve been making this pouch in my head for a couple of weeks now… wondering how to go about making the star block. I’ve been looking at lots of pictures of star blocks, but didn’t actually look at any patterns or tutorials. I love looking at things and figuring out how to make them — that’s the really fun part for me.


I’ve wanted to make some wonky star blocks for a long time. I just like the crooked, freelance look to them.  So I dug into my batik scraps and selected some fabrics. I just LOVE that yellow fabric in the center. I chose the aqua and purple to go with the color of the leaves in the yellow batik.

I free motion quilted a simple stipple design across the star panel. I used a light gray thread to blend in a little.



I just bought a selection of 25 different colors of micro fiber lacing for my zipper pulls. I auditioned several different colors with this pouch, but the purple was the obvious choice. I bought 300 wooden beads for the pulls. I’m wondering how long they’ll last.


I totally made up the measurements for the block elements. I drew it all out on paper before I started cutting fabric. here’s how it all went together.


I started by determining the approximate size I wanted the block to be — about 8 inches square finished. So taking seam allowances into account, I started with a 4 inch block in the center. The aqua star point rectangles were cut to 4 x 2.5 inches and the light colored corners were cut 2.5 inches square.

I want to make more of these. I’m looking forward to playing with different combinations and arrangements for color!



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