Bright and Happy Weekend Fish

I was looking at Pinterest last night and you know how it happens. You go down some rabbit hole and pretty soon you find something you’ve always been looking for but didn’t know it. Well, last night I ran across this fun little fish pillow pattern and decided that it would make a quick and fun little project for today.


The pattern included options for a checkerboard or tiger stripe body, but I opted to improv piece my own from my Kaffe Fassett Collective scraps. The pattern has you top stitch the pieced panel onto muslin. I just did a quilt as you go technique instead. Then cut the body pattern out of the resulting piece.


I always love the way an improv piece looks after you trim it up. It’s the part of the process I love the most. It looks so clean and tight!


It went together pretty easily, but there were a few curves to sew. I don’t mind curves, but these are curves with some bulk and some interfacing. So they were a little bothersome and didn’t go together as well as I would have liked.


I was going to use some yellow Aboriginal Dots fabric for the face, tail and fins, but I couldn’t find the piece I KNOW I have. Also couldn’t find several other colorways I know I have. So the first one I found was this purple, and I think it’s pretty perfect!


Here it is… all ready to sew the two sides together. It seemed like I got to this point pretty quickly.


Finally! All those fins tucked in where they’re supposed to be tucked in! Ready to stuff.


All stuffed and sewn closed. I used a long handled wooden spoon to shove the stuffing into all the nooks and crannies.

Not really sure what I thought I’d do with this when it was done, but I’m thinking it will end up hanging from the ceiling of my sewing room.

Here’s the pattern. I found it on Etsy.

fish pattern

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