Leafy Paper Pieced Zipper Pouches

I’m really fascinated by paper piecing and have seen some really amazing things made with this technique. I’ve dabbled a little but haven’t done anything too difficult or large. It really goes against the type of quilting I like to do. I’m not attracted to really fussy quilts with lots of tiny pieces. I can appreciate the work and skill that goes into making them, but it’s just not something I’m very interested in making.

But I have made some small paper pieced projects — a lot of them have been used as panels in my zipper pouches. Here’s two on a leaf template that I just love. I sewed them into nice little tailored zipper pouches with lots of details, and a zipper pocket on the back.


There were a lot of pieces in these blocks. It’s amazing how many seams it takes to make the curve on the lower part of the leaf. You can see all the seams.

(I went into m way-back machine and found that I purchased the pattern for the leaf on Etsy. You can find it here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/637507460/geometric-leaf-foundation-paper-piecing

I just love making panels like this for a zipper pouch. It’s a fun way to experiment with a new technique or a template. I like that I can try something new without a huge commitment to make an entire quilt.

How pretty is this?!?!


And this one too. I love the gorgeous batiks, but there’s something about that chambray that just makes me so happy. I love the way it comes out so crisp and tailored. Gah!


I just love all the detail of the quilting on the paper pieced panel, the top-stitching all over he pouch, and the zipper finish on the top and pocket. I just love all these crisp details. They really make a piece like this special.

These pouches have a generous zipper pocket on the back. It’s a great size to hold an extra set of circular knitting needles, your stitch markers, darning needles, scissors, and all the other stuff you need when you’re knitting. And I just love the pop of color from the lining. Nothing like a little surprise in a lining.

Click on these photos for a larger photo and take a look at the details on this pocket. It’s a really easy and quick way to make a pocket and it looks so good!

I’ve been collecting other paper piecing templates that I will make at some time. I have a really fun one of a fish that’s all bones. It’s so cute and so different. I expect to see it on a pouch some time.


8 Replies to “Leafy Paper Pieced Zipper Pouches”

  1. I’ve made a couple of zippered bags following your pattern and I was surprised how beautifully they turned out. I used the pattern with the drawstring tip and zippered pockets. I found it a bit small so I enlarged it and made a bigger one since I’m often knitting sweaters. Beautiful details !

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    1. I’m glad you liked my pattern. I think you posted your bags on the Kaffe Fassett Page on Facebook. It was so odd to see bags that looked like mine when I knew I’d never made them in that fabric combo! They were beautiful!


    1. Awww. Thanks! I really like things that are well made. I just love all that pretty detail. Often times, putting the fabrics together for a piece is my favorite part. I’ve made literally hundreds of pouches so I have the technique down!!!


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