A Little Enthusiasm Mustered

I took the day off from work today because I have two personal days I need to take before June 30 or I lose them. I am not one who likes to lose my days off!

I had a nice sleep in and then got up and had some breakfast and some good coffee and then got ready to go because one thing I wanted to accomplish today was to get the green and blue batik quilt for my nephew’s wedding shipped off.

I’ve had a little bit of sewing enthusiasm the last few days, so I wanted to take advantage of it. When I got home I sewed a couple of rows of the scrappy hexagon quilt together. It looks like I may be able to finish this quilt top this weekend! There are only four full rows in this quilt, and 6 partial rows.

It was pretty hot today, so after lunch I sewed the center seams on the outer fabric and lining for 20 face masks made from Kaffe Fassett Collective scraps. Then I sat down in the shade outside and clipped the seam allowances on the curves.


I use a non woven fusible interfacing in my masks. This particular interfacing was a little thicker so I’m using it with the thinner Kaffe fabrics. It was a little too stiff with batiks, but works well with this fabric. I was finally able to get my hands on ten yards of the Pellon medium weight non woven fusible online. I’ve been trying to get some for a couple months.


For the lining I’m using a white on white cotton that I’ve had in my stash for years. it’s a great way to use up fabric that I don’t love as much as when I bought it!

I sat with a small garbage can on my lap as I clipped. Looks like I missed the can a few times.


I was covered with this confetti by the time I finished clipping all 20 masks!

Since it was so hot today I waited until after dinner to take the dogs for a walk so we only got one walk today. My friend’s dog Argos is staying with us for a few days. It’s more work to walk three dogs!


After our walk I decided to cut a few more masks. I had found some Kaffe scraps the other night that would work well and had some batik pieces I was planning on using for masks. I now have about 50 masks cut out and in various stages of construction. I still have to cut the lining and interfacing for about 20 Kaffe masks, and have to cut the interfacing for 20 or so batik masks.


I had made about 30 masks a couple of weeks ago and am down to only three! I’ve given the rest away to friends, co-workers, and I shipped a few to family. I’d really like to always have some on hand when people I know need one. I think we’re going to be needing them for quite some time.

8 Replies to “A Little Enthusiasm Mustered”

  1. Thanks for the tip on using the Pellon fusible for the mask lining. I would hope it washes well since now the CDC recommends 3 layers for masks. I’ve got a few more to make now! Loving those Kaffe fabric ones!

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    1. I’ve washed some batik masks with the Pellon more than once, and it launders nicely. I haven’t yet washed a mask with the thicker interfacing. I don’t even know what brand it is. So that one is a mystery.

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    1. I really like this one. I’ve stopped using the other patterns I’ve made previously. This one is everyone’s favorite of all that I’ve made. And for me, it works up really quickly and easily.


  2. I laughed at your description of your use em or lose em vacation days. I took two this past week and was pretty much forced by my supervisor to take this coming week off. Problem is all the work that will back up while I’m out. But I’ll be brave and make the sacrifice! Actually I plan to work on more masks, get a black and white and brights baby quilt started and another baby quilt finished. Love your fabric choices!

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    1. Yes! We’ve been talking among co-workers about how badly we need some time off, knowing that we’ll pay for it when we have to do all that catch up work! But it is REALLY nice to get a day off.


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