Contrast Ruffled Feathers Fabric List

I’m putting the list of Kaffe Fassett Collective fabrics I used for my recently finished Ruffled Feathers quilt here so that I have a record of it on this blog. (I didn’t keep a list of the white/black fabrics I used.)

These are all Kaffe Fassett Collective Fabrics

Bali Brocade – Contrast

Macaroni – Chocolate

Tree Fungi – Contrast

Coleus – Contrast

Japanese Chrysanthemum – Contrast

Row Flowers – Contrast

Zig Zag – Contrast

Jumble – Gold

Tiddly Winks – Contrast

Lotus Leaf – Contrast

Jumble – Rose

Striped Heraldic – Contrast

Jumble – Duck Egg

Mad Plaid – Contrast


I was so happy to see a little bit of sky after work this evening. We’ve been socked in with smoke from the forest fires around Portland for nearly a week now. It made me feel some hope and really lifted my spirits. It’s amazing how oppressive this smoke has been.

Even though we saw a little of the sky, it’s still smoky out there and the air is not yet healthy. The photo above was taken looking due west from my patio. This next photo was taken in the street in front of my house, facing due north.

You can see that it’s still really smoky. They said on the news tonight that we’ll have smoke through most of this week, but may start to see some clearing starting Thursday. It will be so welcome to get rid of this terrible unhealthy smoke.

We did take advantage of the brief break in the smoke by taking a two mile walk after dinner. It did the trick and Bender settled in nicely after mauling me all weekend long!

4 Replies to “Contrast Ruffled Feathers Fabric List”

  1. Our weatherman in Indiana said the reason our sky looks the way it does is from some of the California smoke. Surprised me that it could come this far. So glad you got a break and the fur babies got a much needed walk. Hang in there!

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    1. the air is soooo much better! I have friends in New England who have been seeing the smoke from the west coast. I’ve even heard that it’s made its way to Europe! It’s a lot of smoke!


  2. So, so glad the smoke is dissipating ! So, they have gotten the fires mostly put out? I hate to think of all the destruction and so much of it. The very tall pointy tree in your picture due west is huge and so pretty! Yay for the boys getting their walk again 🙂

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    1. I think the big fire closest to Portland is still 0% contained. But that may be changing with the change in the weather and the clearing out of smoke. It’s been so smoky the couldn’t do any air drops because visibility is so bad. But al three of my friends who had evacuated are all back in their homes! This is such fantastic news! And their properties are all intact!

      And that pointy tree is a redwood. They are pretty spectacular.


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