Spontaneous Decision on Which Quilt to Make Next

I feel like I’m not quite ready to start my second Ruffled Feathers quilt, and want something bright and colorful and less chaotic that the last two quilts I’ve made. So I’ve decided that I’m going to remake the Lucky Stars quilt that I made out of batik scraps earlier this year.

Here’s the pattern.

So I went in and made a mess of my sewing room and dug through my Kaffe Fassett Collective stash to find some fabrics that will be bright and colorful and saturated. This selection isn’t final, but I like the color combo.

The background is a batik that I’ve had for several years. I saw it used for a background on a batik quilt that I saw in a shop in Salt Lake City many years ago. The store sold out of the fabric immediately and it took a long time for me to see it again. So when I finally saw it in a shop in Haley, Idaho, I bought five yards because I knew I’d use it eventually and would probably never see it again. I need two yards for a lap size quilt on this pattern.

The black dots are a very free form spatter type thing. I think a light fabric like this is much more interesting than a solid white or off white background. Plus, I do love a graphic black and white with all these bright prints.

Tomorrow I’m going to finish two quilt backs so I can get four holiday gift quilts off to my long arm quilter. I have to get them done if I want them back in time! So I probably won’t start this quilt for a few days.

My friend who bought my Contrast Ruffled Feathers quilt sent me some photos today with the quilting done. It looks so good all quilted. She added borders to make it fit a bed.

I know a lot of people have a lot of trouble with seeing dogs on a new quilt, but it actually makes me really happy! I love to see that someone has incorporated the quilt into their life! No higher compliment to me!

11 Replies to “Spontaneous Decision on Which Quilt to Make Next”

  1. Those are gorgeous colors! It reminds me of the confetti quilt by Rachel Hauser of stitched in color with the black spotted background. I ordered 7 yards of it when I found it, lol. I havent done crumb quilting with it yet but it is on my list 🙂 Your ruffled feathers is so pretty quilted!

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  2. Your Ruffled Feathers quilt with the borders added and quilted is looking quite good! I used that Atkinson star pattern for a quilt I made while living in Florida. The star centers are all “tropical” looking fabrics, the star points are batiks and the star surrounds are all tropical foliage leaves in greens. One of the best quilts I ever made! Can’t wait to see yours in Kaffe fabrics!

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    1. Ooh. Sounds pretty! I’ve been wanting to make another star quilt… thought about doing something in monochromatic batiks, or maybe combine two colors. Never got around to it. But I have also wanted to make one in KFC fabrics. I think it will be really fun!


    2. One of our local quilt stores had this star quilt made up in scrappy batiks, and even had a bolt of the background fabric I used. So my friend and I bought the pattern, and we each bought the background fabric we needed for a throw size quilt. It took me a while to get around to it. But the one in the store was so pretty. I do have enough of the background fabic to make another batik version, so I likely will some day.


  3. Your ruffled feathers quilt is beautiful! I like the way you audition fabrics for a quilt – that is a hard part for me, plus choosing the right pattern. Your stars will be great!

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    1. I usually have several patterns in mind that I want to make. I wanted something time time that’s a little more involved than the one I just finished, but nothing too technical. So this seemed perfect. And the colors will be really fun. Choosing the fabrics is my favorite part of making a quilt! And then making the first few blocks to see the favbrics all come together. Then it starts to get more boring and I have to be diligent in finishing it.


  4. FUN photos of the quilted Ruffled Feathers quilt (especially with the dogs enjoying it). And hooray for straightforward quilt designs like the pattern you chose. I think sometimes we all try too hard to pick something unique or astonishing when all we really need to do is let the fabrics play together.

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    1. I’m not a lover of making really fussy quilts. When I see them I can appreciate all the work and creativity that went into making them, but I’m not inclined to want to make that type of quilt. I really like to let the fabrics do the work. And I like interesting patterns that aren’t too fussy… patterns that don’t require a lot of tiny pieces and matching a lot of seams!


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