Black Quilt is Done: Well This Went By Fast

I started cutting the fabric for this quilt on Monday night and just finished sewing the final seam at 11 pm on Friday. Might be one of the quickest makes ever.

I love these fabrics. These close ups of the blocks are so yummy!

The fabric for the backing arrived today. It’s Phillip Jacob’s Spiral Shells in Red. It’s so crazy amazing!!!

I’m putting a full fabric list here so I have a record of it.

Philip Jacobs Glory – Dark

Philip Jacobs Bearded Iris – Dark

Brandon Mably Pomegranate – Black

Kaffe Fasset Guinea Flower – Black

Kaffe Fassett Lake Blossoms – Black

Philip Jacobs Wisteria – Black

Philip Jacobs Spiral Shells – Red

Kaffe Fassett Shirt Stripes – Cobalt

Philip Jacobs Mable Stream – Cobalt

Kaffe Fassett Trefoil – Dark

Philip Jacobs Big Leaf – Purple

Philip Jacobs Shaggy __ Black

Kaffe Fassett Row Flowers – Dark

Kaffe Fassett Persian Garden – Black

Tomorrow I’m going to finish the back for my most recent Aboriginal quilt and the batik wedge quilt I made a month or so ago. They are both for holiday gifts. I have four quilts to get off to my quilter so I can get them back by the holidays.

I may start my new Ruffled Feathers Quilt on Sunday, unless I decide to do something different. I do have another idea brewing.

12 Replies to “Black Quilt is Done: Well This Went By Fast”

  1. Beautiful! I would never have believed that Kaffe fabrics came in so many dark backgrounds. Amazing to see them all in one quilt! Can’t wait to see what project comes next.

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    1. I have a pretty good pile that I opted to not use for this quilt! Probably enough for another one. There are a lot of KFC fabrics in the black and dark color ways that are just amazing!


    1. These blocks are big and they go together really fast. But yes… this was a quick make! I’m thinking about what I’m going to make next. Thinking a star quilt might be it. Might make one more different pattern before I dig back into the Ruffled Feathers version II.


  2. I like it a lot better now that it is sewn together. It didn’t seem to have focal points until it tightened up and lost the seam allowances. I bet it is gorgeous in person. Photos just can’t capture the real glow.

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