My Scrappy KFC Trip Quilt is Done!

I dug in this afternoon and pinned and sewed the final three horizontal seams for this bright quilt and can now count it among my finished quilt tops in the last year — number 16.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. And I can’t believe I waited so long to make one.

Because of the mistakes I made the last time I worked on this, the final assembly was a little harder… I had a harder time keeping track of how the rows should go together. I had to do a lot of checking and rechecking as I prepared to sew the final seams. But It’s all correct and my previous mistake didn’t cause any terrible issues with the design.

Here’s some eye candy…

And the obligatory close ups because these fabrics are so amazing!

When this was done I decided that I needed to get organized and ready to finish the scrappy KFC starburst half log cabin quilt that’s been on my design wall for months. I’ve decided to gift this quilt to my brother and his wife for their bed and needed to figure out how many more blocks I need to make.

They want the finished quilt to be 84 x 104. I have 88 blocks done and need to make 17 more full size blocks. I’ll also need to make around 15 additional blocks that are a little bigger for the setting triangles. See this blog post to see what I decided to do for setting triangles.

My design wall isn’t big enough to accommodate this entire quilt, so I’m using the Styrofoam extension that I made a few months ago and am laying the quilt out sideways. I plan on putting several borders on this to get it up to the size I need. Unbelievably… I’m almost out of my KFC scrap strips. I’m hoping I have enough to finish the blocks I need.

Once I made the notes I needed to wrap this up, I took all these blocks off the design wall and put them away.

Then, to wrap up my time in my sewing room I took all my Ice Storm blocks and put them up on the design wall.

I’ll look at this for a couple days before I start sewing it together. Tomorrow I plan to work on some of my new Ruffled Feathers blocks and will probably crank out some sunburst blocks.

I’m starting to think about the next quilt I’ll start. I pulled out all my Brandon Mably Jumble fabrics the other day and stacked them all up together. They are so pretty!

I’m thinking of combining these with a bunch of the more whimsical low volume fabrics I’ve purchased recently. Thinking it might be another fun trip quilt.

I did go online and order a few color ways of the jumble that I’m missing. I’ll wait to decide what to do with these until I get that order.

I took the boys for a nice long walk this morning before the rain started. We walked five miles and ventured into a neighborhood we don’t typically walk in. It was nice to have some new surroundings.

That was a busy day!

22 Replies to “My Scrappy KFC Trip Quilt is Done!”

    1. Thanks! I’m pretty happy with this quilt.

      And the winter is too terrible if I can get out every day. The difficult days are when it rains all day and we have to stay in.


    1. thank you! The quilting is really my main daily pastime. I do try to get out somewhere every weekend, but my evenings are mostly sewing.

      And my dogs… how could I get by without them??? thanks for reading my blog!


    1. Funny, but it’s actually felt really peaceful to work on. Very different from the vibrant fabrics I’m used to, but I really like it. I will play with lighter colors again some day. Plus, I’m loving the low volume black and whites. Definitely more of those coming up!


  1. Oh Annie, your KFC TATW quilt is breathtaking, and your color sense is amazing! At long last, thank you for the photo of Ice Storm. That is next on my list after I finish my Dresden Bloom. I still have to attach the center circle. I was lucky enough to get my first Covid vaccine on Thursday and the only side effect was feeling very tired. I’m glad I had some natural immunities from having had Covid in mid January.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. glad you’re getting your vaccines! I’m still not eligible in Oregon, but when I am I’ll be in line!

      I’m going to do a little explanation in a post tonight about how I put the strip sets for the Ice Storm quilt together. Will also share a photo of the light batiks, along with some “what I would do differerently.” I’m really liking this light quilt! It feels quiet and old to me.


  2. Colorful Trip Around the World is really beautiful! I love seeing all the Jumbles together! You have scenic spots to hike and good dogs!! Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you! I’m glad you like my quilt, and I agree that all those jumbles together are pretty amazing! And you’re right… the Portland area is really gorgeous and I have some nice and close options for walking. I’m very lucky.


  3. Wow, the first photo of of you bright Trip just glows!, those rich colours! I love KF Collective fabrics and also have a selection of Jumbles on order, the colours from Brandon are beautiful. Ice Storm is such a contrast to the KF and very effective and cooling. Goes without saying really that i think your KFC quarter log cabin is a winner, great idea to cut individual flower squares for the centres. This one quilt on my list and I’d be tempted to follow your example with the centres if you wouldn’t mind please !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Feel free to use the sunbursts! There are some quilters out there who do some really amazing things with them. On the Kaffe Fassett Collective Facebook page last week someone asked for pictures of quilts made with that sunburst fabric and there were some really amazing ones! Several basically like my quilt, with colors that are a little different.

      Thanks for your comments on my quilts! And thanks for reading my blog!



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