Where Did Sunday Go?

I have no idea what I did today that took up all those hours! I slept in a little. Got up and had a leisurely breakfast. Then I sewed a few blocks for my sunburst quarter log cabin blocks.

I need 17 more of these for the main body of this quilt top and got 15 of them made today. Then I’ll need to make a few more larger ones that will be cut in half for the setting triangles.

I did take just a few minutes this morning to replace the muslin on my ironing board. I’ve needed to do this for awhile now and it feels good to have it all clean and nice.

I used a double layer of muslin and attach it to the ironing board with elastic clips. It works really well.

It was supposed to be rainy today but we were able to get out and take a nice four mile walk in the early afternoon and we didn’t get any rain at all. We had the roads and trails pretty much to ourselves. I think everyone was thinking it was going to rain.

Then I lost a couple of hours. I honestly don’t know what I did with all the hours today. So after apparently daydreaming away a couple hours I had an early dinner.

Then I hit the sewing room and continued making sunburst blocks. I wrapped up my sewing by taking a pile of smaller KFC scraps that have been collecting as I sew the sunburst blocks… and sewing them into some crumb pieces. It felt good to get this pile cleaned up and a little more organized.

A friend of mine gave me some daffodils the other day and I tried something I’ve been wanting to try. I put red food coloring in the water. If you do this when the daffodils are just opening up, they will draw up the colored water and the color will appear on the petals.

You can just barely see the touches of red on the edges of the petals. This is after just one day. It will be interesting to see if more color appears over the next few days.

Holy cow… this weekend went by way too fast!

6 Replies to “Where Did Sunday Go?”

    1. Thanks! It’s really fun to hear from those who read my blog! I’m really happy to share what I’m up to! And it’s really heartwarming that people find inspiration here!



  1. Hello Anne, I just discovered you and your Wonderfull work. So impressed with your creativity and range of work. I wondered if you are sharing or offering your patterns or just blogs. In any case, it appears we may be on the same wave length. Glad to have found you.

    Cathie Mojica

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