Almost Finished, but Messed Up Instead

I felt really confident that I would finish this Scrappy KFC trip quilt top this evening. I had a quilt guild Zoom meeting and pinned and sewed the final three rows of blocks while I listened.

I would have completed this tonight except that I sewed two of the rows together wrong, which meant that they wouldn’t work with the rows they were supposed to be next to. Rather than pick them apart I was just able to move the top row to the bottom of the incorrectly sewed two rows and it will all work.

See that single row across the middle? That was supposed to be the top row.

I think it will be fine to sew it together this way. But I will turn that top section of two around the other way to see how it looks before I sew it all together.

I walked into my sewing room at one point in the evening when part of this was sitting on my cutting table and it was just so pretty!

It’s definitely prettier close up when you can see the variation within each fabric.

I decided it was better to put this aside and wait to finish it, rather than plug on and make more mistakes. I should be able to finish this up tomorrow night and then put the Ice Storm blocks up on the design wall.

Here’s my boys from our afternoon walk today. They were very excellent posers… even Rico!

And such a beautiful sky tonight as the sun was going down.

13 Replies to “Almost Finished, but Messed Up Instead”

  1. You are inspiring me. I am cutting up my long treasured Kaffe Fassett fabrics in 2 1/2 by 5 blocks and making large blocks. So satisfying to use these beautiful strips that have been aging…for ages.

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    1. It took me quite a while to get to where I wanted to actually cut my KFC fabrics. Now I can’t wait to get cutting! Cutting is where I start seeing how the fabric will look in the quilt. It’s always so different when it’s cut into smaller pieces. The variation of color and pattern are amazing when you cut it up!!!


  2. I agree, it is much prettier when you can see the patterns in the fabrics. With it wrapped around a body that is the way it will be seen.

    What a beautiful sunset! I have too many trees around me in our “old neighborhood’ area to be able to get a photo like that.

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    1. My back yard faces due west so I get some really pretty sunsets framed by lovely trees. People made fun of me when I first moved to Portland because I couldn’t shut up about the sunsets!

      I love the idea that the fabrics are prettier wrapped around a body. For me, a big part of the beauty of a quilt is it’s function! I love it when someone actually uses something I make!!!


  3. Your quilt has such rich and beautiful colours. Just lovely. I have to ask, what do you do with all your completed quilts? You’re such a prolific sewer!!
    Love the photos of the hounds too. They look such characters.

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    1. thank you! It’s the color that I love the most about making quilts. Combining fabrics and colors is what really gets me excited.

      As far as what I do with them… I’ve been folding all of these up and stacking them in the closet! I have decided that I’m going to give a quilt to each of my siblings and to my nephews. So that will take care of a number of them. Several of them I will keep (this trip quilt included). I have a friend who is a long arm quilter who has offered to do computerized quilting for me in exchange for quilt tops. So I think I’m going to get rid of a few of them that way and get some quilting on the ones I’m either keeping or giving as gifts.

      And my boys… they are pretty fun! Can’t imagine life without them!


    1. Thanks! This is definitely one of my favorites. I’ve wanted to make one of these for some time and kept putting it off. But I really enjoyed making it and will make more. I just love all those little squares!!!

      My other favorite is the crumb quilt that is the header photo on my blog. that might be my most favorite that I’ve ever made.


  4. That quilt is absolutely gorgeous! Every time I see one of your finished projects, I want to try one like it! I got a nice haul of KFC fabrics for Christmas and my birthday, so I just might. 🙂

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    1. Thanks! I had wanted to make one of these scrappy trip quilts for a long time but was afraid matching all those seams would be a terrible experience. Well, it’s not bad! The sixteen patches go together easier than the trip quilts do, but it went pretty well. You should try one.


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