Odds and Ends on a Thursday Evening

I didn’t do too much sewing this evening, but did manage to make two Aboriginal fabric pineapple blocks that I will eventually use in a couple of bags.

I really like the random appearance of these blocks. I think they’ll be really fun in a bag.

I also want to incorporate some flying geese strips in some bags so I went online and found a paper piecing template that I’ll use to make these.

This really is my preferred method for making flying geese. I get such beautiful precise points this way. My geese are kind of a mess when I piece them the traditional way.

I sewed up the second bag body from the wall hanging I cut up last weekend. It’s pretty much exactly like the other one, but I’ll use this sort of coral colored batik for the lining on this one.

I want to make one of these Frankenbags with a zipper placket at the top of the bag. I’ve been noodling about the best way to do this and have been watching tutorials and looking at different patterns. I think I have it all figured out but need to make some measurements and do some cyphering to make sure my idea will work. I might make this bag my prototype for the zipper.

I will also include a zipper pocket and a slip pocket on the interior. I bought these metal zippers a week or so ago. And the fabric I ordered for the lining arrived a few days ago. So I’m ready to go, if I only had a plan! I really like this bag so I want to make sure it works well and looks good.

Several more blog readers have sent me photos of their Frankenbags. It’s so much fun to hear from these women who are so willing to share their work. And it’s wonderful to see that they are making so many of these bags and tailoring the fabrics and design for the ones they love. It’s all been fun and really inspiring!

Here’s a bag from Connie Jones. Of course I LOVE the bright colors. And look at the fun decorative stitching Connie added.

This one is from Lucinda Tooker in Canada. She made it from fabric that she resist dyed herself. She made the nine patches years ago and never did anything with them. This is a great use for those nice patch blocks.

Here’s the flip side of the bag. She also added a zipper pocket in the lining.

This fun bag was made by Diane Levine from blocks left over from her Losing My Marbles quilt. I just love this one… the colors are so bright and circles are such a graphic treat. I love it when people include circles in their quilts because then I can admire them!

Here’s the back of this bag. Who doesn’t love a happy little spot fabric?

I like her squiggly quilting too.

This final bag was made by Susan Cook. She made this bag from Japanese fabrics that were left over from a quilt she made many years ago and said she never imagined she would ever use those scraps. She has made this bag as a gift for her sister-in-law who is Japanese. She’ll be hand delivering the bag in a few weeks.

I really like that vertical quilting. I’ve been thinking about working that into one of my bags.

Linda sent me the nicest note about how she had sort of gotten into a quilting rut and was losing her enthusiasm, but has a newfound joy for making crumb blocks and can’t wait to make more bags.

I’ve had such a great time hearing from these amazing women. Thank you to everyone who has been so gracious and complimentary… and willing to share your work!

I sat on my patio this afternoon to eat my lunch, it was such a nice day. But I couldn’t help but feel like someone was watching me…

There are so many trees in bloom in my neighborhood. I had to stop on our afternoon walk and stick my nose into some apple blossoms… I could smell them from across the street. it was so lovely.

This tree is just down the street from my house and there are a good number of them around the neighborhood. It’s so gorgeous. The trees are just loaded and heavy with these big blooms.

I posted this photo on Facebook earlier today to ask if anyone knew what kind of tree it is. Apparently, it’s some kind of double bloom Japanese cherry. It’s pretty spectacular!

21 Replies to “Odds and Ends on a Thursday Evening”

  1. These bags are marvelous! And the aboriginal fabrics always go together well. I am interested in where you go the FG papers; I searched all over the web last night and couldn’t find any.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There are a good number of free flying geese templates on the web. Here’s a link to the one I’m using. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/24/4d/39/244d39051ea2802b24dae56e7db457c4.jpg

      The cvhallenge with this one is that it’s jpg file rather than a pdf. So it can be hard to print it in the size you want. Since I’m going to use these in some improv piecing, the size doesn’t have to be precise. So I just copied and pasted it into a word doc, stretched it to fit the page, and then printed it.


    1. Paperweight is one of my favorite KFC designs. I like this bag too and may keep it if I like the way the zipper turns out. It would be a great bag to take on an airplane, but I really want a zipper for that purpose.


  2. Anne, I love following your blog. I look forward to every post. Is there a way I can search to find former posts? If I want to look pack to find your crumb quilt instructions or your design wall discussion, is there an easy way I can do that?


    1. thanks Kate! You should be able to search on any key words you’re interested in on my blog. Look on the right side, you may need to scroll down a little. There is a search box just a little ways down. You could enter “crumb” and it will bring up posts that contain that word. Or you could search “Design wall” and that will bring up any post that contains those words. (warning! if you search for “design wall” you’ll probably get lots of posts where I talk about putting blocks up on my design wall.

      Let me know if you’re looking for something specific on the design wall and I’ll try to help you locate it.



      1. I will look for the search button when I am on my laptop. It doesn’t Show up on my phone. I was thinking you had some posts about constructing your design wall. I have been rereading all your posts but I haven’t found it yet. You have such an artistic eye. I love all of your creations.


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