Aboriginal Fabric Bag II is Underway

I put one of those Aboriginal fabric pineapple blocks I made the other night to use this evening. I made two bag panels, made the quilt sandwiches and got them both quilted, and got the body of this new bag assembled tonight.

Well, it’s another one that I just love. I think these Aboriginal fabric bags might be my favorite of all I’ve made. The fabrics are so rich and deep, but also really colorful.

Here’s the back. I chose to use strips of fabric to separate the crumb blocks and I really like how it looks.

I just love all that straight line quilting. It adds some structure to all those curvy and organic designs in the fabrics. I’ve gotten to where I can quilt one of these panels pretty quickly and accurately. Have I ever said how much I love my walking foot? I REALLY love my walking foot!

Here’s the front and back so you can get a better idea of how the entire panel looks.

I really love that stack of narrow strips on the right side of that panel.

I have Rico entered in a sheep herding trial tomorrow. That means it’s an early morning and we need to be on the road at 6:30 am. Have I mentioned I’m not a morning person? I had planned to stop at a quilt shop in Chehalis, WA, on the way home, but decided to skip it and head directly home. So I went online and purchased some batiks for bag linings on sale. From the look of my purchase, I plan on making a lot of batik bags!

I received photos from a few more women who used my Frankenbag tutorial. This first one is from Esther Wood. She said she wanted a nice springy feel. I think she got it! This bag reminds me of all the blooming trees and flowers in my neighborhood right now. Of course I love greens and yellows, but those pops of read just elevate the whole thing.

This next bag is from Ellen Trish Slade. I just love that big old star with the fussy cut bloom in the center. And that strip of strings on the right side is so much fun!

Here’s the other side of this bag.

I just love the big block on the right side of the photo above. Ellen said it was made from pieces left over from a piano key border. What a great use for those strips. She also made this bag four or five inches bigger than my bags. So this is a nice generous tote.

This last one is from Kris Cook. And there’s that vertical strip of flying geese again! I really want to use that in a bag soon! And the pops of turquoise… well, I just love those!

Here’s the back of this bag. I love this looser and swirly quilting. It makes this bag feel comfy and well loved.

Thanks again to everyone who has shared photos of their Frankenbags. It’s so much fun to get to see them.

I had a very simple yes delicious dinner tonight. I got some farm eggs from a friend on the weekend and I fried them up and ate them with some fresh asparagus.

I loooooove farm fresh eggs. Those chickens who keep themselves busy eating bugs and other fun stuff really know how to make a good egg!

It was a little rainy today so we only got one three-mile walk in. Here’s my cooperative and photogenic Bender again!

The weather looks a little better tomorrow, but it looks like we’ll do the sheep herding trial in the rain. But I’m glad to see the rain here for a few days. It was getting way too dry.

12 Replies to “Aboriginal Fabric Bag II is Underway”

  1. The design and colors in the Aboriginal bag are beautiful, I especially love what looks to be a pretty orangey flower tilted to the right on the pineapple block in the front !

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  2. The Frankenbag in Aboriginal fabrics is just too fabulous for words! I have a gallon zip bag of Aboriginal scraps that will be perfect as a start for my own Frankenbag. I just love that word – it’s exactly descriptive.

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    1. A friend of mine shipped me a ton of her Aboriginal scraps and I’m really having fun with them. They remind me of Kaffe fabrics in that they all just look terrific together!


    1. Hi Lee Ann. I don’t have a site where I sell stuff because I don’t produce enough to keep a store stocked. I usually just sell word of mouth. If you”re interested in something, just let me know.

      Thanks so much for your very kind comments! I love making things and It’s so much fun when others enjoy my work.



    1. I hope you feel well enough to sew soon. I had to all but give up knitting because it’s so hard on my hands. Luckily, sewing is not hard on them. My back is another story!

      And I’m just loving seeing what others are making!


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