Jab One and a Scrappy Batik Finish

I am so happy that I got my first Covid 19 vaccine this afternoon! It seems like I’ve been waiting forever.

Oh my god…. I really need a haircut! And what’s with all those glasses? Why would I go out in public looking like this?

I’m feeling a little achy and tired tonight so I didn’t do much sewing. But I did manage to finish the batik Frankenbag that I started last night.

I chose a green batik for the lining. This is actually one of the first batiks I ever purchased way back when I was just getting started in quilting.

Batik fabric is wider than other fabric, so the piece left over for the pocket was a little bigger. I used it all and added a center vertical seam in the pocket so that it has two sections. Each section is big enough that I can put my hand all the way in to grab something. Each side would easily hold my big iPhone.

I really like this alteration to the pocket. I also just love green batiks! So I was happy that I had a half yard of this one.

I still have to hand sew the tag on this bag. I was just too tired to do it tonight.

Another blog reader sent me photos today of a Frankenbag she made from my tutorial. Lydia Ross is giving her bag as a gift and she included photos that she printed onto fabric! What a great idea, and what a fun gift!

Adding pictures is such a great idea. And look at those adorable owls. Someone is going to be very lucky to get this as a gift.

I’m so impressed with what you all have made! And I really appreciate everyone who has shared their photos. It’s really fun to get to see them all.

As I was wrapping up our walk this evening I noticed my neighbor’s dogwood tree. The sun was going down and the low angle of the light lit this tree up in such an amazing way.

The dogwood trees are just starting to bloom. They are one of my favorite spring bloomers.

10 Replies to “Jab One and a Scrappy Batik Finish”

  1. Hi Anne
    Your bag is lovely which vaccine did u have we had the AstraZeneca last week legs a bit achy
    We get a text msg on day 3/8/11 to report any side effects Kerrie

    Sent from my iPhone

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  2. The dogwood tree is gorgeous. I really like looking at all the bags you made and other people’s work. It gets me inspired to do one of my own. I just finished a scrappy Kaffe throw. Now to do the top quilting.

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    1. I just love the dogwoods this time of year. I had one but it died a couple years ago. They are so beautiful.

      I’m getting so many ideas and so much inspiration from others who are making Frankenbags!



  3. Regarding large purse pockets: a friend who makes a lot of bags also makes a narrow pocket just the right size for a pen. Maybe an inch wide? She simply stitches an extra seam either in the middle or down one side. She has a blog, Patchouli Moon Studio. I think she also follows you! šŸ˜

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  4. Love seeing all the Frankenbags, they are so colorful and artistic. Lots of ideas rolling around in my head. Glad you’ve gotten your first vaccine shot. I’ve now had both of mine. I had no reaction to the first one, but the 2nd one sent me to my bed on the 2nd day after. Just felt very tired and sluggish.

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    1. I felt tired and a little achy last night, but I took an extra hour of sleep this morning and feel pretty good right now. My arm is sore, but that’s no big deal. I’m so happy to be on my way to full vaccination!

      I also have a lot of ideas I’ve gotten from others who have made Frankenbags. So many things I want to try!

      It was fun to have your sister comment on my blog yesterday!



  5. I am working on my 3rd Franken bag made totally from Kaffe. I do not know how to post a picture to show you. I gave the 2nd one away to an 82 year old and loved the bag.

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