I Just Remembered Some Black Scraps

I got up this morning and after a good breakfast and a nice cup of dark coffee I took the boys for a 4.5 mile walk. It was a gorgeous morning and it felt really good to get out and stretch our legs.

While we were out walking I remembered that I had a packet of scraps left over from this black KFC quilt that I made last year.

So I dug into them tonight and whipped up the panels for another Frankenbag.

These bag panels are every bit as chaotic as the original quilt!!! You can’t even see the wonky log cabin block in the front panel!

Here’s the panel with the wonky log cabin block. Can you see it?

And here’s the back of the bag. Also chaotic. But actually less chaotic than the front panel.

I’ll probably get these panels quilted tomorrow night.

After our walk this morning, I threw the dogs in the car and headed west on a quest to see some crimson clover. And I found some.

You see field after field of crimson clover in farm country around Portland every spring. I’m not sure it they grow it for seed, or if it’s a cover crop. It’s absolutely gorgeous. And it was covered with bees. I could hear the buzzing the minute I got out of the car.

It was such a gorgeous drive. The sky was so clear and blue with dramatic clouds. And the countryside was so amazingly green. This is such a fabulous time of year here.

My snowball bush is in full bloom and it’s having a really good year.

The blooms are so big! Look at this monster. It’s nearly 6 inches across!

Here’s a picture to give you an idea of how big this bush is. Bender is there for scale.

It’s really a monster.

Another blog reader sent me photos of a Frankenbag she made. This one is from Michele Pintarch. And it’s a really fun one!

I love the way she used that big piece of the green shaggy… and the wide pieces of onion rings. It’s really fun. More ideas flying around my head!!!

And look how fun her handles are!

Here’s the lining. She added a magnetic snap and a key fob to one of the pockets, which is a really good idea!

Dang. Back to work tomorrow.

18 Replies to “I Just Remembered Some Black Scraps”

  1. I’ve never seen a clover field either and it’s really beautiful! Keep showing us pix of the Frankenbags as they are all wonderful. Even though you can’t really see the Log Cabin block too well, it still works. I always say “let the fabric do the work”.

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    1. Thanks! I do have some ideas on what to combine with these black fabrics to make the pattern more apparent. I have plenty of these scraps left so will keep playing with them.


    1. I’ve been buying it over several years… usually pick up a piece of what I like at stores I visit. there are a few places that carry it online, although I don’t buy a lot online. We do have a local store that has a pretty good selection and they have an online store. Check them out here: https://www.pioneerquiltshop.com/



    1. Hi Shannon! Do make a bag. They are relatively easy to make and I’m loving that I can actually finish something quite quickly.

      When you make one, send me photos and I’ll share them on my blog!



      1. I take a lot of photos of each thing I’m photographing… different angles, close, far, etc… And then I always do a little editing (ligthen the photo,boost the color, crop, etc….)


  2. Oh my gosh…
    I absolutely LOVE your snowball “bush”. I had one for years and then we moved to a condo and we have no room for one. Yours is beautiful!!!! I also love your blog!!

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    1. Thanks Sherry. I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog.

      That snowball tree was sort of pathetic the first few years I had this property. It was under four big Douglas fir trees. Then the trees came down when they built a huge house next door, and the snowball tree LOVED all the sun it was getting. it’s gone so crazy! I’ve never seen snowball blooms that big!


    1. Someone else, maybe on Instagram, also said they thought it was a hydrangea. They may be related. But they really are huge! It’s a pretty happy plant!


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