Blue Starburst Done and Way Too Much Fabric

I received a package of fabric in the mail today that contained some blue starburst fabric. I’ve been waiting for it to finish my blue starburst Frankenbag lining. So after dinner I dug in an got it all done.

Thanks to Wanda at Exuberant Color for suggesting that the sunburst fabric would be a fantastic lining. It really is perfect! But it’s not easy to work with! It’s printed quite wonkily (is that even a word?) on the fabric and takes some time and effort to get the pieces cut square with the little squares aligned nicely. I think these little squares are perfect for fussy cutting. A little harder to work with in larger pieces.

But they are so fantastic!

Here’s the other side of this bag.

Ooh! Look at that little peek of the blue sunburst lining!!! I love it!

And the double pocket made from Jumble.

And my favorite detail…

I’ve gone on a little fabric buying streak the last couple of weeks. This all adds up to about 28 yards of fabric. Mostly half yards, but a few yard cuts and several a little larger.

It’s all KFC fabrics. I did purchase a few pieces of non KFC black and whites that didn’t make it into this photo.

Look at this amazing piece! And I’m wishing I had bought a larger piece of this. It’s so fantastic!

I looked at all the bags hanging on the coat rack in my guest room and here’s everything that’s still in my possession. The rest have been sold.

In addition to these are the two I’m keeping for myself. This paperweight one because I just love it and the crumb bag because it’s the first one I made and has all sorts of things wrong with it.

And now I think I might spend a couple of evenings making some blocks for my Secret Purple quilt while I think about what bag I might make next.

21 Replies to “Blue Starburst Done and Way Too Much Fabric”

      1. The name Agilejack came from the fact that I used to have Jack Russell Terriers and did dog agility with them. I’ve been Agilejack on the internet for almost 20 years now! I continue to use the name even though there are no terriers in my household now… but some day!


  1. I have a question about what Thread you like to use and what Stitch Length do you prefer on the Straps?
    I really appreciate that you so openly share with everyone.
    Deb G

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    1. I use Gutterman for just about everything. I may use Aurofil for paper piecing. I love aurofil, but it tends to curl in my machine and I get really tired of dealing with all those curly ends when starting a line of stitching.

      On my BErnina I use the default 2.5 stitch length for quilting. I reduce it to 2 or 2.1 for piecing.

      For the straps, I’m usually somewhere in the middle. I want it to look good, but I also want it to be sturdy. I have actually been thinking about getting some heavier thread for the top stitching on the straps. It would be a really good look.



      1. I tried heavier upholstery thread.. what a freaking mess I had! My machine did not like it. Went back to 50wt. Did figure out the longer the stitch the better.

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  2. Oohhh, so,so pretty 😍! That lining will wake you up and make you smile 😊. My favorite is the crumb bag , a riot of color and small pieces that Bender is expertly modeling. Oh, those sweet eyes 😻!

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    1. I love that crumb bag, but the mistakes make me a little crazy. But I always just have to MAKE something to get all the kinks worked out. It taught me what to look out for in future bags to avoid mistakes.

      And Bender, well… he’s pretty amazing!



  3. Starburst really is the perfect lining for that bag. It’s so frustrating though when prints aren’t square. I wondered what you did with all your beautiful bags. Do you have an Etsy shop?

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    1. I’ve seen that starburst fabric used as a backing. I can’t imagine putting it all together for a backing!

      I basically sell my stuff through word of mouth. I don’t make stuff with the intent to sell it. I just make things I want to make, and if I can sell them that allows me to buy more fabric! I don’t think I can produce enough to keep an Etsy shop stocked… maybe when I’m retired!



  4. Wow, it really is a wonderful lining!!! I haven’t used any of that print yet and wondered how straight it was printed.
    I don’t recognize that iris and peony print. Is it a Snow Leopard design? It is really beautiful.


    1. I don’t have the full selvedge, but it says Philip Jacobs for Rowan. I think it was probably before he created Snow Leopard Designs. I think it’s been out for some time. But it’s really gorgeous!


  5. A girl can’t have too much Kaffe Collective fabrics!! Lovely selection of your new ones and the beautiful pale lily and ?peony or poppy is a beauty, I have a small piece somewhere in my large scrap pieces, I should think it’s difficult to get a hold of now.

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    1. I was looking through my drawers for something specific tonight, and I think I might actually have too much!!! I know that’s hard to believe. There’s no way I’ll ever use all this fabric! But it makes me happy.


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