A Weekend of Socializing and Not Much Sewing

After fifteen months of pandemic isolation, I finally hit a wall on Friday and started feeling like if I didn’t spend some time around people I was going to lose it! It sort of made me laugh because I’m a raging introvert. It’s pretty impressive that I went well more than a year before the isolation actually got to me!

So I spent my weekend hanging out with friends and having lots of conversations. And it was fantastic!

On Saturday Rico and I had our regular sheep herding lesson, then I met a couple of friends at a dog agility trial that was being held nearby. Then I met them one of their homes and we did some agility with our dogs, then had some cocktails and dinner.

Lavender martinis! These were so crazy good! And so beautiful!

It was so good to just have fun with our dogs and hang out and talk. You might not realize that people who live alone during a pandemic don’t get a lot of face to face conversation! Go figure! It’s been so long since I was able to just hang out with friends. It felt so normal. I left my house at 11 am and didn’t get home until after 9pm!

I also stopped at the same fabric store I went to last weekend to pick up some fabric for friends…

… and a few more pieces for me…

On Sunday I met a friend and brought Thai food for lunch. Then we had another sheep herding lesson in a downpour! Rico and I were both soaked by the time we were done. I think we’ve gotten nearly two inches of rain since Saturday! And we really needed it. Coming up? Ten days of sun and heat.

I did get into my sewing room tonight and started my next Frankenbag. I needed to get moving on this one because I’ve already sold it! Sight unseen! That’s a little bit of pressure.

This one is made all from fabrics that a friend gave me. I really like the earthy look of the fabrics.

I’ve continued to receive photos of Frankenbags from blog readers.

Here’s one from Reidun Evjan Vefald. I really love all the black and white she’s used in her crumb piecing. And that pieced pocket on the interior is very cool! I also like the way she used the green fabric to finish the top edge. It’s a nice detail.

This next one is from Margot Pritchard. I just love those great big stars! I also like the way she attached the single handle. I’ve been thinking about doing a bag with a single shoulder strap. Now I’m thinking I have to do it soon!

That star on the left is made from cloisonne. It’s no longer in production. If you scroll up and look at the fabric I purchased for myself this weekend, you’ll see a piece of this fabric in the group!

This next bag was made by Betty Simms. She made this for a friend from her fabrics. And the fabrics are really cute. That yellow block in the first photo just makes me smile! Betty wrote in her email, “I’m having so much fun making these!! These bags have become habit-forming and it’s all your fault!!” I know how you feel Betty!

The last bag tonight is from Susan Cook. This is such a fun bag! I love the way Susan used the different low volume fabrics with the curved piecing. And that black and white fabric at the top is very cool. And that spot fabric in green on the first photo sort of gives me chills — it’s so good!

Big thanks to Reidun, Margot, Betty and Susan for sending photos or tagging me on social media. Can’t wait to see what readers send in next.

Stopped and picked these blooms during a field run on Sunday. I could smell it from 50 yards away. Friends on social media tell me it’s probably a mock orange. All I know if that the smell is so incredible! I brought these blooms home with me and keep smelling them! So gorgeous.

And here are some photos of Bender and Rico just because they’re such good boys. There’s sort of a theme.

They really do!

12 Replies to “A Weekend of Socializing and Not Much Sewing”

  1. That Iris and Peony Kaffe fabric is fabulous! I don’t remember seeing it before. I’m hoping it’s not an OOP. Loving the photos of the Frankenbags, haven’t seen a bad one yet.

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  2. Hello Agilejack~ I love your bags and your blog. How does one buy one of your bags? Prices etc. Cute dogs and the lavender martini sounds divine! Glory

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  3. Dear Anne, > Hi, I did try sending this to your email “anne@agilejack1.com”, maybe I got it wrong…I’ll try again replying to this email…just wanted to say Hi! And I have so enjoyed making my first ever bag, and especially your “Frankenbag” which totally inspired me, thank you! I don’t usually have “orphan” blocks or many scraps hanging around but will respect them both more with Frankenbag possibilities!! > > > > > > > > > I am also enjoying your wonderful blog, and border pups! Aren’t they just the best…here’s my girl, she is a Hearing Assist Service dog, but mostly just my precious companion! > > Thank you for your creativity and telling about it! I wish I was more brave to try blogging it just seems too complicated, but I think I’d love it! > > Warm Regards, > Laura Kelly Spokane, WA

    Sent from Laura’s iPad


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    1. Oh! Thank you so much for trying again! I had a strong feeling I had skpped over one of the emails I had received. I checked and your email is in my email box. I will put your bag on my next blog post! And your doggo looks very sweet and loving! Can’t imagine life without dogs!

      About blogging… i started just so i could keep track of everything I make. I never had any idea it would turn into what it is! I’m having a blast hearing from people all over the world. And it’s so fun to share our love of fabric making beautiful things!

      And I love your bag! What a great use of those left over pieces!



  4. I absolutely  love all of your bags and dogs. You have gotten me hooked on making these totes . I am having  robotic  surgery  ( full hysterectomy) Thursday  morning  and I am currently  cutting  and planning panels for the next tote bag. Hopefully I will feel good enough  to  sew next week.

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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