Day Two of Lambs

I hate to have to say this, but day two of lambs included absolutely no new lambs. Not one lamb was born today. But I found myself thinking I should take these two home with us.

We started our day again with feeding sheep.

These sheep know when breakfast arrives and they all come running. Wyatt helped hold the sheep off while I put the grain out. Even the lambs got in on the feast!

Little acrobats…

And then we went up and fed all the pregnant ewes, looking for new lambs as we did it.

Mmm. Hay.

Munch, munch, munch.

As we were watching the preggers girls eat and realized that there were no lambs, we picked out four ewes that we thought might be close to lambing. So we separated them from the group and took them down to a paddock near the barn so we could keep our eyes on them throughout the day. We were very hopeful that a couple of them would lamb today.

Isaac joined them to keep them all safe.

Then he had to pose for a perfect photo with his girls…

Good grief. He’s such a sweetie pie!

While we weren’t busy dealing with lambs, we decided to move the earliest lambs and their moms to a larger field with a lot of delicious grass and trees for cover.

They all ran into that field like it was the best place on earth.

Look at these little suckers!!!

So many good mamas there.

Before lunch we took some time to work our dogs again on the goats. Rico was even more amazing than he was yesterday. Maybe it was the little practice he had with geese first.

For a good portion of the afternoon I just sat and watched a ewe that we thought might lamb. While I sat and waited, I watched these two little fritters have a blast on this pile of dirt.

While the ewe was debating whether or not she should give birth, I decided to take Bender and Rico for a quick drive to my other friend’s place nearby for a forest walk since they had spent a few hours in the car. They got a good leg stretch and had a chance to be dogs on logs…

I don’t know any dog who can stay off a log!

When we got back to Trudy’s place the ewe was still undecided on the whole birth thing, but I got back in time for the lamb races.

OMG! How cute is that !?!?!?!?!

I waited a little longer for that ewe to produce her new lambs, but finally gave up when it got cold and some rain moved in. So I headed home disappointed, but with another good day under my belt.

I’m pretty confident that I’ll get news of lots and lots of lambs being born tonight and tomorrow.

26 Replies to “Day Two of Lambs”

  1. Thanks for sharing your two amazing lamb days with your followers. I loved reading the narratives and watching the videos. What I really want to know is how many lambs are now living with you and the boys?!

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  2. Great day…even without new lambs! I just love seeing all of this. The very first picture of all of you is a real keeper…even though the little lambs need to understand how to pose. 🙂 How many sheep and lambs does she have? It looks like a big job taking care of all of them. I grew up on a farm in Michigan but we never had sheep, sadly. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. I think she said she bred around 40 ewes. So she’ll end up with around 80 lambs. And she usually breeds more! She went low this year because of the draught and the cost of hay is so high.


    1. It’s very common for ewes to have two lambs, except for the yearlings who usually have just one. A number of them have three! I think I saw three or four sets of triplets this weekend.


  3. Love love love baby lambs, and yes, I thunk you should take a couple home with you. They’d be good company (well, training partners) for your pups.

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  4. Thanks for sharing your two days of cuteness 💕💕💕 Rico and Bender included in the cuteness!
    That lamb race! All that running and hopping!

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  5. Thanks for taking us along with you on your lamb visit. Is there anything cuter than those romping young ones? Funny how Rico back off from that goose. He is a smart one.

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  6. The little lambs races were adorable! Loved the jumping and running to the Moms. Funny how they can tell their moms, they all looked alike to me 🙂 Looks like Bender and Rico are down for getting the lambs!

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    1. The lambs and ewes actually need time to bond. If two ewes give birth at the same time close together, sometimes they steal each other’s lambs! They are usually kept separated until they can bond well, and then they can go in with the other ewes and lambs without risk of switching around.


  7. I’m commenting on the brown bag you are procrastinating on. I love it! It’s very classy and would be a perfect bag to give pizzazz to professional attire. Although I’m not sure we even have such a style these days! I always enjoy reading your blog.

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  8. I followed a link from Wanda’s blog to yours and truly, really enjoyed watching the lamb races. How wonderful!! So glad to meet you.

    🙂 Linda

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