A Beautiful Spring Day, But Where Did it Go?

I slept in this morning. Much later than I should have. After I got showered, fed the dogs and had my own breakfast, poked around the inter webs for a while and got a crock pot full of chicken tortilla soup underway, it was almost 1:00 when we were starting out on our four-mile walk.

It was a gorgeous spring day and I walked in just a t-shirt. I was thinking about the dogwood trees and wondering when they would start blooming. And there they are! their blooms are just opening. The tulips are starting to fade already.

My lilac blooms are just starting to open up and I can already smell them in the back yard. The snowballs are just forming on my snowball tree.

I had a few things I wanted to chunk away at on my list of things to get done before company arrives in May. Today I wanted to get a start on putting my new bed together.

I can’t put it completely together yet because that will need to be done in my bedroom and I can’t do that until the old bed is out of there. So I did what I can before I have the space in my bedroom. I got head board and foot board assembled and they’re waiting in my bedroom

I got the side rails and support slats assembled too.

So once I get this into my bedroom, It should take more than an hour or so to finish putting it together. The assembly is relatively simple and quick. My new mattress and box springs will be delivered Thursday.

I also folded some laundry and went through a pile of mail and papers in my dining room.

I had a nice bowl of hot chicken tortilla soup for dinner and got some packaged up and in my freezer. After that I hit my sewing room to finish putting together the second set of orange and blue bag panels. It didn’t take long to have them done. Here’s the first one.

I just love that blue Aboriginal that is the largest curved piece. It’s go so much movement and a strong design. And the scale of the design is big, so that’s makes the cut pieces really interesting. Here’s a look at a larger piece of the fabric.

Isn’t that gorgeous!

Here’s the other panel for this bag.

I haven’t decided yet which panel will be the front of the bag.

Here’s another fabric from the package of Aboriginal designs that came in the mail yesterday. It’s so gorgeous!

And here’s a bit of a closer look so you can really see how fabulous it is.

it’s one of my favorites.

When I finally emerged from my sewing room my dogs were nowhere to be seen. Bender was out cold on the dog bed in my bedroom.

Rico was sleeping hard in the living room but he actually acknowledged me when I stepped into the living room.

Tomorrow I’m going to do a deep clean of my kitchen. It’s time to wash down my cabinets. Doesn’t that sound fun???

I took some Advil PM at 10 pm so I don’t sleep the day away tomorrow.

14 Replies to “A Beautiful Spring Day, But Where Did it Go?”

  1. Good Morning!
    Love your latest bags. I spotted a whale’s head breaching the waves in the lower right corner of the first panel. It’s just perfect! I vote for it as the bags front.
    Enjoy your Sunday!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hooray for spring and new blooms! My favorite time of year too. Hugs to Rico and Bender💕
    That particular aboriginal fabric is spectacular! Happy Sunday🌞

    Liked by 1 person

  3. i love your fabrics!!
    it is interesting to really look at the aboriginal fabrics – the designs are predominantly circles – tiny dots and larger circles that may or may not have secondary designs inside them . . . . but circles and circles and circles abound!

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    1. Hmmm. Not sure about the cabinet thing. But when I start noticing they’re dirty, it’s time to clean them!!!

      It’s not easy to write every day. But it keeps me focused and from spending too much time on the sofa!



  4. I love orange-it’s my favorite color. Next favorites are the complementary blue, green, and purple group of colors. Therefore I really like your blue and orange panels!
    Don’t have too much fun washing cabinets-Ha!

    Liked by 1 person

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