I Should Keep My Hands Off Fabric When I’m Tired

I decided to cut out the pieces for another bucket hat tonight. One of the pieces of fabric I was using was just a quarter of a yard.

So, what did I do? I cut the interfacing piece from the main fabric. The interfacing pieces are smaller than the main hat pieces.

And that means that I don’t have enough fabric to cut the crown pieces from the right pattern.

I’ve asked a friend if she has some of this fabric, and I’ve found it on two different websites. So I’m not totally stuck.

It was after 11 pm when I was cutting these pieces. I had a feeling I might be making a mistake, but I kept on going until BAM! Looks like I’ll need to cut out another hat tomorrow so I have something work on.

I was going to make the lining form my crumb quilt tonight but I just couldn’t face wrestling with all those big pieces of fabric. So I made the VERY wise decision to put that aside for when I’m fresher.

As I walked the boys tonight I was on a phone call with a friend. We got to talking about our fabric stashes and I was reciting to her all the larger pieces of KFC fabric I have that were purchased with backings in mind. I have a few.

That’s fifteen large pieces of fabric that are enough for a backing. Nine of them are actually meant for a specific quilt that’s either done or in process.

The red piece on the top will back this quilt that is nearly ready to sew together.

That ochre and purple fabric will be the back for this quilt in process for my guest bedroom.

The tangerine Paisly Jungle will be the backing for my Aboretum quilt that I’ll make from a kit.

The Octopus fabric will back my Ice Storm trip quilt. I LOVE this backing with this quilt top!

I think I might try to get this quilt backing put together this weekend. I don’t have plans to have it quilted immediately.

The green Antwerp Flowers will back this Lucky Stars quilt eventually.

This gorgeous red spiral shells fabric was initially planned for this chaotic black quilt. But the quilt isn’t worthy of that gorgeous fabric. So not sure what I’ll back this quilt with or what I’ll use that gorgeous shells for…

… but it won’t be for this chaotic mess!

And finally, this wonderful blue backing fabric will be used for this quilt.

This quilt was made from fabrics left over from this quilt. (I really wish that quilt would photograph better. It’s so much prettier in person than it is in photos!)

I was so tired of dealing with bias edges by the time I go this done, I may never do another quilt that involves bias edges.

Before I wrapped up the evening in my sewing room I sewed the elastic into the back of this huge bucket hat. And it refused to gather.

I think this happened because of the thickness of the hat around the brim and the fact that I used the wrong elastic… the only elastic I had… some lingerie elastic. It’s just not substantial enough to pull the layers of the hat together. So I had to rip it out.

I’ll pick up some better elastic this weekend.

It was a lovely day today although cloudy. After our afternoon walk I could hear an odd noise as I worked. And I realized it was Bender snoring like a buzz saw!

With the increase in his epilepsy meds, he sometimes sleeps like the dead! But the good news is that he’ll be 12 weeks seizure-free on Saturday. He’s still a little bit dopey from his meds, but he’s a little better every day. It’s so nice to be on another stretch of time without a seizure.

One more day of work and then a long weekend!

22 Replies to “I Should Keep My Hands Off Fabric When I’m Tired”

  1. I LOVE all your Kaffe! Such fun planning those backings! And I’m so glad I’m not the only one who makes those cutting mistakes, tired or not! You and your pups have a good day!

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    1. Thanks! Luckily, I don’t make too many mistakes when cutting. This one was unfortunate because I only had a small piece of this fabric. Most of the pieces in my stash are half yards. If this had been a half yard, it wouldn’t have been an issue.

      But, like you said, at least I can still get some!~



  2. The downside is that you made a cutting mistake. 😦 The upside is you got to go fabric shopping and luckily found some of the same fabric (and maybe something else). 🙂
    Idea: Highlight the word “interfacing” on your pattern pieces. It should draw your eyes to the word and might help prevent that error in the future.

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  3. Can you add a piece, a pretty band of fabric to make the face fabric piece bigger? Remember Bob Ross, “We don’t make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.”
    BTW, love your blog. You’re the only one I faithfully follow. 🙂

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    1. I could, but I don’t really want to. I’d like it all to be one piece.

      I do plan to make some scrappy hats in the future when I generate more of the appropriate scraps. Even thinking of adding crumb piecing or blocks to one.

      Stay tuned!



    1. Thanks for the tip Wanda. I was wondering if I would find success with any type of elastic. I’m sort of toying with the idea of sewing a little pleat into the back of the hat to adjust the sizing. It looks like I need to take in at least a half inch. I’ll play with it some more and see what my options are. Maybe I should just give this one to someone with a head bigger than mine!



      1. On the internet somewhere I saw a pin, like a big safety pin, that they were showing pulling in the waistband of pants and pulling in the side of a hat, pinning it so it was kind of like a tuck. The pin was decorative. I think it was an ad on Pinterest. Maybe Etsy would be a place to look.

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      2. Oh yes. That’s a cool idea.

        I actually sewed a small pleat into the back of the hat last night. It fits really sell now. It looks a little odd but since it was really my prototype, I expect some odd things! I’ll have to look around and see if I can find one of the safety pins!


  4. I LOVE your chaotic mess quilt top! I’ve never been a big fan of red/orange,yellow but this is singing to me! I think it’s Freddy Mercury singing with QUEEN!

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    1. I love the fabrics, but it’s all a jumble. I think because the fabrics are all the same scale and too similar. A friend of mine mads a similar quilt and hers is so much better. She had more differences in scale. It made a big difference. But the fabrics and colors are gorgeous!


  5. It’s always a pleasure to see backing choices for quilts, you have an exciting collection tucked away there. Do you buy before having in mind a quilt to use the fabric with, if so what yardage do you go with?

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    1. Most of these backing fabrics have been purchased with no particular quilt in mind… and usually on a really good sale. I will usually buy at least six yards if I’m going to use it for a backing. But I would rather have a yard or two left over than run short!!!

      That being said, I do need to at least be able so see using a piece… if I can’t imaging using it, it really doesn’t matter how cheap it is. But if I see KFC fabric on a good sale, I might buy it anyway!



  6. In my youth we used a velvet ribbon sewn loosely around the inner hat. Probably not too useful for a casual cotton hat! But how about a small ruffle just in the back? Iteouldn’t even be seen.

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    1. Last night I sewed a small tuck into teh back of the hat and that makes it work. Since this is a prototype it will be mine and I sort of like a prototype that shows a lot of adjustment!


  7. When I started Quilting again I had never heard of Kaffe Fassett. Once I saw several bolts of his fabrics I was immediately in love. I see your obvious talent on Pinterest and now I am a follower of your wonderful tote bags and quilts. Such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with everyone. **

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