Quick Post on a Hot Tuesday

It was hot again today, but not as hot as yesterday. Tomorrow will be cooler and the forecast for the next ten days looks like it will be in the high 70s to mid 80s. Looks like we’ll be able to grab an afternoon walk in the upcoming days. My boys will be happy.

After our walk tonight I had told myself that I would quilt the dark KFC Frankenbag panels I’ve been working on. But that just didn’t happen. With all this heat I felt a little worn out so I turned on the TV and stitched up another hexagon flower.

I think that makes six that I’ve made. It feels like a lot more! They do take a little time to sew up. I’m happy to say that this one is probably the best one I’ve made. My stitches are getting better, less visible and more consistent. And it’s getting easier to make it look nice. So that’s good. Maybe by the time I make 90 of these they will be perfect!

It cooled down really nice for our walk. We headed out at about 8:15 and it was so nice… it felt cool and there was a nice breeze. It always feels wonderful when it cools down nicely after it’s been hot. It’s supposed to get down to 56 tonight so I’m guessing I’ll have my slider open most of the morning while I work, which I love.

Our walk tonight had a theme of water.

There is a park that is about two miles into our regular three mile route. It has a human drinking fountain that has a dog drinking fountain attached at ground level. You push the button and the bowl fills up, and then slowly drains. My boys know it’s there. When we come down the path toward that park they start speeding up and head directly to that drinking fountain. And then they drink and drink and drink before we’re back on our way.

Then, about another half mile into our route, there is a house that keeps a fresh bowl of water at the base of their mail box.

Bender and Rico always express their thanks to these home owners.

Once we get home they take advantage of the large bowl of water I keep at the base of my mail box.

It’s amazing to me how much traffic this water bowl gets. It’s almost always down to about an inch of water by the time the day has gone by. I probably get to see at least a couple of dogs drinking out of it every day. They appear to be very appreciative of a nice drink.

It is also entirely possible that it’s used in the dark of night by coyotes, raccoons and squirrels. And I did see a crow perched on the side of it a few weeks ago.

And this guy, I would like to point out, would pose all day long on anything.

His lower dose of potassium bromide was delivered today from the compound pharmacy. So he had his first dinner with a smaller amount of the drug that’s making him wobbly. Fingers crossed that this decrease will bring him back a little closer to normal.

Oh, and I saw another bee balm plant on our walk. I had never noticed these before. They were so pretty with the daisies.

I’ll wrap up tonight with this obligatory photo of some cute dogs with flowers.

30 Replies to “Quick Post on a Hot Tuesday”

  1. I also love English paper piecing and found the best thread is Wonderfil 100 wt. polyester. It is like sewing with hair, but you can’t see the stitches. Quilt shops never seem to have it, so ordered it from Amazon. Bought my first one at International Quilt show in Houston, and it has lasted for years. Recently ordered some colors

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  2. Please know that your posts are much appreciated. I love reading about and seeing all the adventures you and your boys have. As a bonus, I do enjoy flowers!

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  3. Super sweet pic’s of the happy boys 💗 your hexagon flower looks perfect! Are you going to make a quilt with them if you make 90? That seems so labor intensive- but would be gorgeous. It’s been 103° to 107° here in San Antonio 😫🔥 we go for our walk at 7am.

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    1. Our weather is pretty much perfect right now, although a lot of people here think 82 is way too hot!

      Not sure what I’m going to make with these hexis. Provably depends on how quickly I get bored with making them.



  4. Your hexies are looking so great! I love to do handwork too. Keeps me busy and away from snacks!
    The pics of the Boys are always so fun! Bender has the most expressive face. I really hope his new meds help him get back to normalcy.
    I love Bee Balm. It’s supposed to be a perennial, it I have planted it several times and it has never come back. Bummer. The hummers love it and I plant it to lure them in.

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    1. I’m not a huge fan of handwork, but i”m enjoying these EPP blocks. Oh, and it’s not bothering my hands. I anticipated it would be bad for my hands.\\Anne


  5. Beautiful walk.. your sitters is darn nice. So pretty..
    Temps her in AZ 114. That’s pretty high. We live with it. AC going going going..
    Love that water bowl idea. I placed one just beneath a faucet at my own front gate and allow a drip for the birds. They sit in the faucet bend over and get a drink. The larger birds playin the water.. not many lawns so Abscense of water. This works well.
    . another great walk for you and your buddies. ..🌻

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  6. Made two hats this week – thank you for the Orange Bettie pattern recommendation. The first was for a six year old so I printed out the pattern at 90% and the second was made at 100%. Easy pattern and really came together well although I really don’t like to fuss with cutting out separate interfacing etc so I block-fused the interfacing to the outer and the lining. I also traced the patterns onto plastic sheets (Dollar Tree cutting mats) so I can just trace around them and cut them out in half the time. I used very few pins which shows what a good pattern this is!

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    1. I thought about using that approach to the fusible interfacing, but doesn’t that make your scraps essentially unusable? I don’t know why I’d worry about that. I must have 40 lbs of scraps!

      Love the idea for your templates. Might have to give that a try.



  7. And I simply must say thank you a million times for your wonderful blog! I love seeing and reading about your gorgeous dogs and all their adventures; the incredible patchwork inspiration and projects you share (I’m a newbie in that activity); and simply your lovely, peaceful, accepting approach to life in general. I’m hooked (60 yr old Aussie introvert) x

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  8. Hi There

    Loving those hexies

    Have you seen Kate at Last homely House?

    She has made a quilt for her granddaughter over the last two years

    You might be tempted to keep going it’s worth a look

    Thank you for your posts

    Maria Pender

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