Some Hot Weather and Feeling Lazy

It was a lovely weekend but it’s gotten hot today and will stay hot for a few days. It got up to 96 degrees today! So I’m not feeling particularly motivated to move around a lot.

My boys thought this weather today was bogus and were not at all happy with the lack of action. We went outside and tossed the ball a few times and then cooled off in the wading pool, but we didn’t get an afternoon walk. We did get a walk in tonight starting at about 8:45. It was still over 80 at that hour but without the sun it wasn’t too bad. But I was hot and sweaty when we got home.

On Saturday I loaded up the boys and drove down to Scio, Oregon, which is east of Salem, for a sheep herding trial. The drive is over an hour and I didn’t get there until about 1:00. I sat in the shade and worked on some of my EPP hexagons while I watched the dogs take their turns moving the sheep around the course.

I sat under a nice shade tent working on my hexis, next to a woman who was doing her knitting. I had three people come over and ask me what I was doing. They appeared to be fascinated with the process.

Even this little dog was fascinated. He just jumped right up on my lap like he was sure I was his best friend. All I got was this crappy photo!

Another woman I was sitting by was a woman I had met at a sheep herding training day last fall. She and her dog were entered in the trial and she was telling me all about what the handlers were experiencing, special challenges they were having, and how she was thinking about it all as she prepared for her run. It was really fascinating to hear a handler’s view of all of this as dogs were navigating the course with their sheep.

This photo shows one handler as she uses a whistle to signal her dog what she needs him to do. You can see the sheep at the far right side of the photo. Her dog is way out there with the sheep. I think it’s the tiny dark spec you can see just to the right of the white section of that fence post to the right of the sheep. That shows you how far away from the handler the dog needs to work. Whistles are used to give the dog commands because the whistle carries much farther than a human voice.

It was a pretty perfect day to be outdoors. And the drive home was so beautiful. I took the back roads rather than the interstate and I’m glad I did. The skies were so amazing.

I loved this view as I was driving home.

And as I came around one corner I saw the most amazing streak of purple in a field. I have no idea what is was… likely some kind of bloom.

When I got home I took a few minutes and planted the star jasmine that I bought a couple weeks ago. It was about time I got it in the ground.

It’s about two feet tall. It should grab onto that fence and start climbing any time now. The guy at the garden center said it could grow 6 feet this summer! It already smells so amazing!

On Sunday I joined some friends for pickleball. I intended to ease in slowly because I wanted to see how I felt after my fall. And the good news is that I didn’t feel my ribs or knee at all as I was playing. Since my friends and I only did some drills, when they left I went to another park and joined some open play so I could actually play a few games. And I had a blast!!! It felt really good to get out on the court again. I forced myself to stop after three games. I didn’t want to push myself too far. But I feel great today.

I was pretty much a slug the remainder of the day, except that I did get the boys out for a four mile evening walk since they stayed home while I played pickleball.

I now have five hexagon flowers done. I have enough hexagons basted to make at least another five or six flowers. They are very happy little things.

I did get a little spurt of productivity this evening as we were waiting for it to cool down so we could walk. I got the quilt sandwiches for the bag I’m working on all done. I may quilt them tomorrow night. I also decided on what I’m going to use for the lining. I don’t have very many pieces of the KFC black fabrics left. I’m going to need to replenish my stash.

That gorgeous spiral shells fabric is the perfect choice for the lining.

I have a few Frankenbags made by blog readers to share with you tonight. First up is this one made by my quilting and dog training friend Karin Haderly. This is the second bag she’s made. I’m not sure she enjoyed making it, but I think the experience was less miserable than the first bag she made. I love it! I love that diagonal block. I love all those tiny squares. and I love the wavy piecing on the back. And I love her photos!

Karin is the person who taught me how to paper piece.

This next bag was made by Rose Lochrie. She made this bag for a friend’s daughter who loves green. I love the way she combined the KFC fabrics with other fabrics for a very cool and watery feel. And the addition of the zebra fabric is so fun.

This last bag tonight was made by Marion Wolf. This is the second bag she’s made. I just love the fall feel of this bag. Those deep oranges, blacks and browns with the occasional pops of color are just so yummy!

Another hot day on tap tomorrow and then we’re back into the low 80s and high 70s.

19 Replies to “Some Hot Weather and Feeling Lazy”

  1. Glad you got back to pickleball. You need that activity. I did watch some instructions on YouTube. Not sure I would be that active in that heat. And then come home and take the boys on a 4 mile walk. Good for you for being so morivated. I’d just want the wading pool part with the boys or maybe a coast trip.
    The hexies are looking good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel better at the end of the day if I’ve had some physical activity. Pickleball isn’t terribly demanding physically. But you can make it as active as you want. It all depends on you and who you’re playing with. I always play doubles so I don’t have to cover as much court.



  2. Yesterday I saw a cute idea for your hexes. They were running down the opening edges on some beautiful linen bed pillowcases. Looked like three fit. Sorry I can’t remember where but I’m sure your google skills can track them down. I really enjoy your posts. Cheers!

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  3. That’s so sweet the little dog jumping on your lap ! He could probably tell you were a kind dog lover and loved your bucket hat 🥰! I hope it doesn’t get any hotter for you guys. We have been having a string of over 100 temperatures and that’s one reason I hate summer, but it’s Texas and I can’t leave 😇. Gorgeous frankenbags! How is Bender doing now?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think that little dog saw the bag on the side table of my chair. He had his nose deep into it looking for something to eat! He wasn’t shy!

      Bender is doing well. He started his lower dose of meds today so I’m hopeful he will get back closer to normal.



  4. Florida has that lovely jasmine too. It blooms at the same time as the gardenias and I can get almost drunk feeling on the combined scents. And yes, it will grow and grow to cover that fence! Enjoy 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I get whiffs of jasmine all throughout my evening walks. Most of the time I can’t even locate the plant. I’m really looking forward to seeing it thrive.



  5. Sew glad you are enjoying EPP. It is addicting and a wonderful way to meet new people. I carry a little container most places I go. I mostly work with 1/4 inch hexies which is a total mind blower for most people watching. On Long Island where I live, there are lavender farms, could that be what you saw from the road? Enjoy the day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 1/4 inch? Is that a typo? I can’t imagine making hexis that small!!!

      We have lavender farms here too. Teh lavender gets about 3 feet tall. This purple field was much lower growing… something much closer to the ground.



    1. One of my blog readers, Tina Hadden, altered the handles for a few bags she made. Instead of the two handles attached to the side of the bag, she used one longer handle attached at the side seams of the bag. You could make the handle as long as you want, and could even add hardware to make it adjustable. I’ve wanted to make one that had a handle that style but haven’t gotten around to it.

      Find the search box on the front page of my blog and search for “Tina Hadden” and it will bring up the posts where I’ve shared her bags.



  6. Have you thought about just joining the flowers all together? We are warm here too, only supposed to be 97 here today. TG for air conditioning.

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    1. When I first started making these I thought i would do exactly that and maybe make a pillow. But I don’t love that solid fabric look so much. So I will continue making these little flowers and will decide what to do with them later.

      I rejoice every day that I’m fortunate enough to have AC. There are a lot of people in Portland who don’t have it. We didn’t need it a few summers ago, but we certainly need it now.



    1. It’s really up to you. I like a scrappy feel so tend to use a lot of different fabrics. My scrappy trip quilt has more than 125 unique fabrics!

      And then, on the other hand, you may see a quilt that’s made entirely out of two fabrics. You won’t see those on my blog!



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