No Idea Where Today Went

I got up this morning and had breakfast, got a nice hot shower, and then before I knew it my 2:00 pm alarm went off! How the hell did that happen?

And the rest of the day just continued to disappear in the same way.

My friend and I stuck around the house all day and we did actually get some serious shit done.

And by that I mean that we finished two of my friend’s quilt backs. Have I told you how much my friend and I HATE making quilt backs? Well we do. So getting two of them done in one day is a big damned deal!!!

First off, we started with the easier one. This one is a throw size string quilt made from Australian Aboriginal scraps with a KFC Onion Rings strip as the center diagonal of each block.

I love string quilts and I ABSOLUTELY love this string quilt! I love the Aboriginal fabrics, and I think that white and graphic design of the onion rings really brightens and livens it all up. I think the white makes all the gorgeous colors just pop.

Look at this close up! It’s really beautiful!

My friend gave me a ton of strips and scraps a couple years ago after she made a couple Aboriginal quilts. Probably enough to make my own string quilt. I might have to start one this winter.

For the backing she had this gorgeous yellow piece of Aboriginal fabric with these fantastic blue birds. All we did for this backing was use two horizontal pieces of that fabric with a narrow strip of the onion rings connecting them.

Since we both hate making backings, we divided and conquered. We worked together to measure and plan each backing. After measuring a couple times I did all the cutting. Then my friend helped me pin everything. I did the sewing…

…and she did the pressing.

The backing for her other quilt was a little more involved because the quilt top is big… almost 90×90 inches. It’s made from six in squares set on point. It’s a pretty simple design but the big blocks really let the fabric designs be the star.

Since this quilt top is so big we had to add more fabric to get it to the size she needs. She used this gorgeous red and purple Aboriginal fabric and inserted a wide vertical strip of this yellow Aboriginal fabric to get it up to size.

Two width-of-fabric strips of the yellow weren’t long enough to fit the larger pieces of fabric, so we inserted a square of the blue bird fabric that was left over from the other quilt.

I love little surprises on a quilt back!

After dinner we got a few things ready for our upcoming adventure and then hunkered down and made four more blocks for my red Fractured quilt.

This means we now have 28 blocks out of 40 done. So all we have to do is three more sets of four blocks and we’ll be done. Well, done making blocks. Then after my friend heads home next week I’ll handle the squaring up, final layout, and sewing it all together.

That picture is actually of the four blocks I made last night. You probably didn’t even notice!

I walked out and took a look at my rose of Sharon this afternoon. It continues to bloom and bloom! And there are still tons of buds that are yet to bloom. I think this will be in bloom for the rest of September!!! it’s really surprising me every day.

Bender was subtly asking us to play after lunch today.

22 Replies to “No Idea Where Today Went”

  1. Not understanding how you didn’t see where the day went? You ladies are driven! Hope the boys get some serious play time soon. I’d offer to babysit but I’m in Illinois! Great job on working so hard. Gorgeous quilts and backs.


    1. My friend that’s visiting now used to fly in all the time to stay with my dogs when I had to travel for work. I’d pay her airfare, she’d stay while I was gone and then we’d get to spend a few days together. She used to do this a few times each year.



  2. Y’all deserve your trip coming up after all the hard work! Yes, I thought that picture of your blocks looked familiar but was going to let it slide…🤭 I am loving all the aboriginal fabric, new to me.

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  3. Love the Aboriginal strip quilt. I’ve been collecting that fabric for about 5 years, and now I find that I can’t bear to cut it up!! The 6″ block on point is a good idea to show them off – and then there would be scraps. I too hate doing backings – I’m now willing to spend the extra money on the 108″ backing and especially if it’s on sale. Enjoy the rest of your girl-time!!


    1. I’m also now a big fan of the wide backings. I used a piece on a quilt for a holiday gift last year and I loved it! I don’t think they make them in Aboriginal fabrics, however. At least I’ve never seen them.

      Here’s a link to an Aboriginal fabric quilt I made during the pandemic. It really lets the fabrics shine. I think the squares were 9 inches. If you search my blog for “Aboriginal” you’ll find several posts about making this quilt.




  4. Your friend’s aboriginal quilts are both great! I love the strip quilt but the six-inch squares really allow the various fabrics to be seen.
    Your fractured quilt blocks are so fun—can’t wait to see them sewn together into the quilt top!
    You and your friend are sooo productive! Enviable! 😀

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  5. Would love to know where to find these aboriginal fabrics. These quilts are just fabulous. Thank you so much for sharing all that you have been doing! Carolyn


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    1. I’ve been collecting them for a few years. I buy pieces when I see them in quilt stores. I have a quilt store near me that has a nice selection. There are Etsy sellers who also sell it. You can find a good selection there.



  6. That quilt top is fabulous! I have a good collection of Aboriginals as my local store has quite the stock of them. I recently hand pieced a Jen Kingwell Smitten quilt top using them. LOTS of fussy cutting and it is pretty great if I do say so myself! I need to put a back together for it and get it quilted sometime soon. I do t like doing backs either.
    Love Benders floppy flying disk. Our Border Collie Emma used to LOVE catching those, the smaller version. It was the first toy she had ever played with…she’d been a stray that we rescued. When we introduced her to those, she became obsessed! Loved to fly through the air to catch them. Our current two BCs could care less about any toys. Silly girls!

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  7. That Aboriginal quilt is spectacular!!!
    You certainly have a green thumb, and a happy rose of Sharon💕
    Enjoy the rest of your vacation with your special friend – she is a gem!
    Hi Rico and Bender ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. I love those Aboriginal quilts. I’m really wanting to make another one.

      I sort of ignore my plants. So I need stuff that doesn’t require a lot of attention. This Rose of Sharon seems to be just the right kind of plant for me!



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