A Quick Little Black and White Make

I went to play Pickleball tonight. . . the first time since Sept 5. It was so fun to get out. It’s been a little rainy and cool here the last couple of days, but it stopped early this morning. But today stayed cool. it was perfect weather for Pickleball. And I think I played the best I’ve ever played. It was so much fun!

Since it was cool I tossed Bender and Rico into the car and took them with me. When I was done playing I tossed the ball for them in the park for a while. They were very happy to get out and run in a new place.

When I got home I grabbed some dinner, and fed the boys. Then I hit my sewing room to finish up the black and white bucket bag I started last night. It whipped up really fast and I was on the sofa nursing my Pickleball knee but 9 pm.

Here’s the bag. Like I said last night, terribly impractical, but really pretty.

I love that little peak of the lining. Here’s a photo that shows it better… and I love that bold spot!

And yet another view.

Here’s the view of my tag. I thought this was a great opportunity to sew it on using black thread, which I prefer. Again, sewn on by machine.

And the great thing is that the black thread is pretty much invisible on the lining fabric.

Bags are starting to pile up. I did give one to my friend while she was visiting. And I gave one to my sister in law during our visit to their house. But I still have a few of these hanging around.

Still not wanting to start a major project before my Featherweight comes home Saturday, I thought I might start this bucket bag tomorrow night.

I had an estimator come by this afternoon to take a look at my chimney. I thought I just needed to have it tuck pointed, but it needs to be rebuilt. I was afraid that was going to be the case. I’m going to be really glad when I’m done paying for things associated with the top of my house!

I also had a lovely lunch today… a “summer” celebration at work. We had planned to have it in the park, but since it was supposed to be rainy, it was in our parking structure under cover instead. It was really fun to see so many co-workers that I haven’t seen in person since the pandemic hit. I even got to see a woman on my team whose birthday is today! I was also surprised to see so many people there that I’ve never seen before. Amazing how many people have come and gone in 2.5 years.

It’s been a long week… my first full week since my vacation. I’m really glad tomorrow is Friday and we have a really gorgeous stretch of weather coming up. I’m looking forward to the weekend.

8 Replies to “A Quick Little Black and White Make”

  1. Another beautiful bag under your belt!
    I can never keep anything white clean myself. Lo! Linus from Peanuts? Is that the right one? Anyway, thought about stain guard? I’ve used it on things in the past. But I’d test it on a scrap first.
    That previous post of Bender with his things outside … Caption: I only ate a few cookies! You’re gonna throw me out for that!?!?

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    1. Pigpen! not Linus. the good thing is that it’s completely washable. I know if it was mine it would be a mess in the first few uses.

      Luckily, Bender is back to himself! It just took a couple days.



  2. Love your bags AND all the purse bags you make. Do you hae an outlet for all the thigs you do – Im sure you dont just give away all of your beautifukl work, Is there a pattern for the black ad white bag?

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    1. I do give some of my stuff away. And I sell a bit of it too… mostly through word of mouth or from people asking me if a particular item is for sale. I can’t produce enough to keep an online store stocked. Maybe in my retirement.

      I’m using Svetlana Sotek’s tutorial for my bucket bags. you can find a link to her video tutorial in this blog post:https://agilejack1.com/2022/08/05/thinking-about-new-projects-buying-lots-of-crap/



  3. With as much black print that there is on that fabric I don’t think the dirt will be noticed for a long time. You could start making them with the bottom 4-6″ in a contrasting darker color when you want to use lighter fabrics on the outside.

    I was wondering if rivets would work to hold your heavier leather look handles on the bag or maybe it is too thick for that. You definitely need some heavy duty needles to try to sew through it, probably a 100 denim or topstitching needle. Also a roll of some fabric under the back of the foot to keep it level while you are sewing it. Same technique as trying to hem jeans and approaching the heavy thick seam.

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    1. The darker bottom is a good idea. Might be fun to use the lining fabric for that… if there’s enough of it, and I’m thinking there is not.

      I purchased some rivets recently and they are soooo tiny! they would never work through all that thickness. I really do want to use some rivets because I really like the look of them. I’ll have to look a little more closely on the right size rivets and then I’ll need the right tools to install them.

      I’ll also check my needle before I try that handle material on a thinner bag.




  4. I’m loving your frankenbags and now your bags. I did manage to make a couple of the frankenbags but they were gifted very quickly. Your instructions were perfect. Still need to add snaps or magnets for future bags.

    I missed a post with the dimensions or tutorial for the bucket bags. Next to make on my list. Can you share again where I woukd find. Thanks so much!
    Love your colorful creativity and the your handsome dogs!

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