More Evening Than I Thought

I went and played pickleball this morning and ended up playing for FOUR hours! Then I went to brunch with some my fellow players. It was after 3:30 when I got home. My dogs were pretty disappointed with my behavior.

They felt a little better when I took them out for a four-mile walk before dinner,

I hit my sewing room after a quick and light dinner and fixed the backing that was too small. I’m going to take it to my long arm quilter tomorrow.

If I hate making quilt backings, imagine how much I hated making the same damned one for a second time! But I like the addition of the strip of the striped fabric.

I like how the half circles and stripes play together and make it look like the stripes arch and turn and go back down the line of stripes.

I was all ready to lay down on the sofa when I was done with this backing and when I looked at my watch it was only 8:30!!! So much evening left to get some stuff done!

So I decided to start working on finishing up The Other 16 Patch quilt top that’s been sitting on my design wall. I managed to get all four rows sewn together, and that’s where I stopped.

With those great big blocks the rows go together really fast.

I’ll sew the horizontal seams tomorrow and then maybe get the borders on. I’m trying to force myself to finish this up before I start sewing on the orange and pink version.

I am going to go play pickleball tomorrow morning… if I can find a game. It’s my small way of celebrating a day off.

15 Replies to “More Evening Than I Thought”

    1. I love wide backing. I’ve only used it on one Quilt but will definitely use some again in the future. And my long arm quilter said that I can just bring the wide backing to her without trimming it to size. That made it even more appealing!



    1. Yes, the illusion is pretty cool. I dropped it off at my long armer’s place today so I should have it back soon!

      I left my boys alone again this morning to go play pickelball. They might be ready for some love in Texas!

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    1. I was toying with the idea of using some left over strip tubes from when I made the top for this, but was just too tired and didn’t want to! So I went the easy way. I’m glad it worked!



  1. First of all, I think your enlarged backing is terrific and would love to know the name of the striped fabric. It looks wonderful with the circles – kind of like you carefully planned it from the beginning. So – I’m sitting here laughing at myself and trying to channel you as I unroll my first ever Kaffe roll-up (Prism). It was on sale and I now think I know why – it has pinked edges and now I have little bits of flotsam and jetsam all over my clothes and my sofa. So I definitely relate to your feelings about pinked edges. Never that it will also require me to be extra careful to make my sewn strips the right width. Oh – one more thing to thank you for – it didn’t even occur to me to go on YouTube to figure out how to set up and use my Featherweight. Was expecting real trouble on this front. Have a great day! Carolyn



    1. I don’t know how we ever did anything before YouTube! I use it all the time to figure out how to do all kinds of things! Sometimes a visual is just really helpful. Plus, you can play it faster than it was recorded, so if you have a slow talker… speed ’em up!

      The striped fabric in my backing is Strata, a Kaffe Fassett design, and I think the color way is red. It’s an amazing fabric! There are so many colors in there.



      1. Hi Anne – So here’s my excuse for writing. My husband is recovering from his back operation and together we are going down to be with my brother(who is in what I’m guessing is mid-stage dementia) while my SIL goes on a 10-day work-related trip which will give herba much needed break. So am I thinking about how I’m going to take care of these two guys? We’ll yes but mostly I’m wondering if I can kind of break out of my non-quilting funk during this stay. So – questions for you. In the Australian Aboriginal quilt that you made(with gray sashing and dark cornerstones) how large were your blocks? This looks like it might be an easy way for me to start. (Also on your friend’s quilt with the 5” squares on point was 5” the finished size?) I’m also taking the strips from my prism roll down. I have paired them up and have decided not to obsess over perfect combos so I can get going. Even just getting the Featherweight going and doing the chain piecing would feel great. Thank you for your posts and your inspiration. Wish me luck in getting started! Carolyn



      2. I think that Aboriginal quilt I made started with 9 inch squares. But you could certainly make them 8 or 10 inches. The sashing and cornerstones were cut to 2 inches.

        My friend’s Aboriginal quilt with the squares on point was all six inch squares. you could make them any size you want. A little larger might let the fabrics shine a little more. Maybe 8 inches???

        So fun that you have a lovely Featherweight to take with you!! That’s one of the things I’m looking forward to about having one… so portable and easy to set up.

        good luck! Get cutting and sewing!



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