Another 16 Patch Quilt Top is Done

I bugged out of work early today to go and play pickleball since it’s the last rain-free day for a while. It looks like our rainy season officially starts tomorrow.

And just in time, the masons finished rebuilding my chimney today! I would share a photo, but it’s just a chimney. The mason did tell me that my roofers did a really good job, so that was really good to hear. So my house will be all sealed up and dry this rainy winter. And I can’t have a lovely fire when I’m feeling cold.

Occupying me this week are the two dogs that are visiting for five days. Ernie and Bogart.

Here they are snoozing as I worked today. That’s Bogart on the bed. He’s a French bulldog. And frogging on the floor is Ernie. He’s a border terrier.

Here’s better photos of them.

Ernie has stayed with me before. This is Bogart’s first time visiting.

Have I told you that I have a thing for terriers? I had Jack Russell terriers for a few years. There’s something about them that I just love. So it’s really fun to have Ernie here. He’s Mr. Personality, and he’s snuggly and affectionate. I will likely have a border terrier at some point in my life.

Here’s Ernie joining me on a zoom meeting with my boss this afternoon.

Tonight is the second night they’ve been here. They are much more calm tonight and everyone is settled in and snoozing. Last night featured a lot of pacing, sniffing, and exploring. They all get along really well so it’s been pretty easy.

So, now to the part about finishing up my Another 16 Patch.

I sewed the rows together several nights ago. I can’t even remember when. And tonight I decided to dig in and get the borders on. It didn’t take very long. I like the dark fabric as the border. It makes it feel moody!

I made the border the same width as the sections in each block. I figured that was a way to get the right proportion. I would like this quilt to be just a little bigger, but It would look odd with wider borders. So it measures around 55 x 75. That’s a decent sized throw that will cover your feet and shoulders at the same time… which I like.

A little closer look so you can better see the border with the other fabrics. There’s some nice color in the border.

Wanda at the Exuberant Color blog has recently made one of these quilts in blues and greens and is in the early stages of another one in gorgeous shades of red and I think she’s using all Kaffe Fassett Collective fabrics. Check it out here.

Now that I’ve finished this quilt top I’m going to reward myself with starting to sew the strip sets for my pink and orange Another 16 Patch quilt. I’m really anxious to start seeing those fabrics and colors coming together.

22 Replies to “Another 16 Patch Quilt Top is Done”

  1. Love your strip sets quilt. What size did you cut your strips? 2 1/2 x ?
    I’d like to make this with all the Kaffe fabrics I have
    Thanks – and I enjoy your posts very much.
    Sarah Thering

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  2. Your 16 patch is beautiful! Could you possibly share the dimensions of each rectangle? I’ve been wanted to see this design for sometime 😊. Thank you.

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  3. Ohh, too cute! Ernie even goes to work with you! We have finally adopted our new dog 🐕! We are his 2nd home. The vet said he is 8 months but hasn’t been socialized or played with. She thinks he may be an Anatolian shepherd mix or black mouth cur mix. Named Alfie so we’re not changing it. He’s a sweetie but our cat 🐈‍⬛ doesn’t think so…sending pictures in an email 🥰

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  4. I have been watching your quilt come together and I really like the simplicity of construction mixed with the visual complication of the KFC prints. Although I am not a KFC fan, I do love African wax prints, and I may try using them using this pattern. I will post a photo of how it turns out. Thanks for your posts. I really enjoy them.

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    1. I really want to try some of the African prints but was warned off buying them from the internet as their quality can vary wildly. I hope I’ll see some in a store some day so I can start a small collection.



      1. I have had no problems with the ones I get from Fabric Wholesale Direct ..

        Sometimes the wax residue can make them a bit stiff but it always washes right out. I have not had any bleeding of colors. The only type of African Fabric I was not pleased with was “Mud Cloth” It is beautiful to look at but does not tolerate repeated washings. The dyes are natural, from fruits berries and bark. Maybe good in a table runner.

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  5. Love your doggie guesrs….I had a wonderful Border Terrier, Taffy, she was the sweetest little girl…still miss her. Live your 16:patch, Im going to try one as soon as I finish knitting a Halloween cowl….

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    1. I always love it when Ernie visits. I’m pretty sure I’ll own a border terrier at some point in my life. I just love them. Amazing how these dogs stay with us long after they’re gone.



  6. I found a wonderful quilt shop the other day in Milwaukie, in a retrofitted historic home, and finally got to feel a bunch of Kaffe Fasset fabric in real life. You’re lucky to live where you do, despite the changes in the city since Covid and Black Lives Matter.


    1. I love that quilt store.

      FYI. I fully support the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s unfortunate that people aren’t able to separate the overwhelmingly peaceful Black Lives Matter demonstrations from the more violent protests that were involving other groups.

      Plus, Portland isn’t the hell hole some in the media and in politics would like you to believe it is.



  7. I am sure this is a stupid question but can you not just add another 4 colour blocks on the side to make it wider? perhaps that would then be too wide.

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