Squeezing In A Few Blocks

I had meetings almost all day today. And when I finally had some free time when I thought I could get the dogs out for a walk, it was raining. So they had a day where they were cooped up inside almost all day.

I had dog agility class with Rico tonight so I tossed all four dogs into the car after a quick dinner and made the hour-long drive to Hopewell, Oregon. It was good to get out and move around a little. And the drive, both ways, was rain free. I’m anticipating a lot of those drives this winter will be in the rain. I’m not a fan of driving in the rain in the dark. But you sort of have to get accustomed to it if you live in Portland.

After class I stood around and chatted with a couple of friends, so it was after 10 pm when I got home. I got the dogs unloaded and then hit my sewing room to whip up a quick seven blocks for my Another 16 Patch quilt.

After I got those blocks done I moved all the blocks to my larger retractible design wall. This is in no way a final layout and some of these blocks will likely not be in the final quilt. I have a few that I’m keeping an eye on to see if they do something to piss me off. Then they’re outta there!

Ooh. That’s a terrible photo!

That’s 25 blocks done. I need 35 for this quilt top. That’s an additional 10 blocks I need to make. I’ve put together 14 more strip sets because I know I’ll want the extras.

And in looking at the photo of all those blocks I just realized that one of the sets I put together tonight has already been sewn into a block, so I’ll need to change that combo. I’m ok with having fabrics repeat in the quilt top, but I don’t want any duplicate blocks.

It’s so funny to me that whether or not I like a fabric in this quilt top depends completely on what I combine it with. Here are two blocks with the turquoise Thousand Flowers fabric. One of them I don’t much like, and the other one I really like.

To me it’s obvious which one looks good and which one looks terrible. So rather than keeping you in suspense, I’ll tell you my choice. I love the one on the right… with the cabbage print. the one on the left with the pink and red sharks tooth is just flat and icky. I dislike it so much I wasn’t even going to make a second block with the turquoise fabric. I’m glad I tried a different combination. I really like that pop of turquoise in the quilt. Little surprises like that really make a quilt top for me.

That block on the left will come out. I’ve paired a strip of the turquoise with another pink fabric and I think it will be a good combo.

A little bit of eye candy. I just love this block!

I delivered my homemade soup to my friend yesterday. I’m glad I got to see her before her surgery on Wednesday. Please send all your positive thoughts and energy her way!

I met her at a site where there was a dog agility trial going on. So I hung around for a while and said hello to a few friends. Then I took my boys and Ernie for a nice romp in some fields at the fair grounds where the trial was held. They didn’t do a very good job of posing together for a photo.

Ernie, however, exhibited excellent posing skills. He was a rock star!

Get it? A ROCK star!

We were left with just enough time to get to our sheep herding lesson nearby. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and Rico did an amazing job!

As I’m typing this post Ernie is snoozing at the end of the sofa. This is his last night with us and I’m really going to miss him.

12 Replies to “Squeezing In A Few Blocks”

  1. Oh, Ernie is breaking my heart, what a gorgeous little boy he is! I’ll miss seeing his pictures here on your blog.
    Anne, you are a prolific quilter! Your home must be over-run with them all! What do you do with them all! I’m a beginner in the art of patchwork and quilting, and thanks to you I adore Kaffe Fassett’s fabrics.
    Love reading about your daily adventures.

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    1. You know, I made pottery for years, many years ago. And all I have is one mug and a big bowl with a crack in it! All the stuff I gave away and sold and that’s all I have! Sort of the same with quilts. I have a batik quilt on my sofa and use it ALL THE TIME. I made it about five years ago. The moss garden one in green and pink KFC fabrics that I got back from my long armer a couple weeks ago is only the second quilt I’ve made that will be used in my home! But, I have another one that just needs to have the blocks sewn together that will also be for my bed (will switch the two out), and then an unfinished quilt that I’m making for my guest room. It’s about time I have more of my quilt to curl up in!!!

      but honestly, most of the quilt tops I make are folded and stored in a drawer. I do give a few away, but I just don’t have use for so many of them, and they’re pricey to get quilted.

      If you’re a beginner, go find Jordan Fabrics on YouTube. They have a ton of tutorials and Donna Jordan taught me a LOT about handling fabric and piecing through those tutorials.



  2. I like both strips, it would be a resting spot from ones that are real busy. Love all the colors together. Ernie seems like a precious doll and I bet the boys will miss him too! Prayers for your friend👍

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    1. Ernie and Bogart have gone home and I’m really missing them! But it’s really peaceful here to night and my dogs are out cold!

      That block bothers me less that it did. I’ll wait to make a final decision.



  3. Once again I enjoyed your blog, it makes me smile. You have so much energy and you accomplish tons! I love love dogs I especially enjoy tales of your dogs. I don’t have pets now being older and living in an apartment so I enjoy others stories. Thanks Doreen

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    1. I wish I could send my dogs to spend the afternoon with you! We would all enjoy the break!

      I’m on a very productive jag right now and I’m trying to take great advantage of it and get some stuff done!

      thanks for reading!



  4. I think you might like the block you have removed when you get to a final layout. Sometimes you need a quiet or flat block to tame the turmoil in the busy blocks. I had a couple I thought I might remove from mine but now I like them after I got more blocks on the design wall.

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    1. Funny, but I was thinking exactly this after I finished this post last night. As I add more blocks that block seems to make more sense. I’ll wait to make a final decision.



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