Holy Cow! I Got A Lot Done Today!

It was a gorgeous day here in Portland today. Sunny most of the day and an absolutely lovely fall day. And I was a whirlwind of productivity!

The first thing I did was dig into making a big pot of chicken soup for my friend who is having surgery this week. So I cut up a whole chicken and browned it in a skillet, then tossed it in a big pot with some stock, herbs, onions, carrots and celery, then let it go for an hour or so. I tossed a chicken in the oven at the same time since they came in a two pack.

I also sautéed a big box of mushrooms. They were added to the soup later. I LOVE mushrooms in my chicken noodle soup.

I decided that I wanted home made noodles in this batch of soup, so once the soup was simmering I dug in.

Then I hung them up to dry in the utility room for a few hours.

I ended up with two large containers of soup for my friend. One is in the freezer and one is in the fridge. I’ll meet her tomorrow to hand them off. And the good news… I had enough for a few meals for myself!

As I was waiting for the noodles to dry I took my boys and Ernie out for a nice four mile walk. it was good for all of us.

Bogart, our other visiting dog, can’t go on our long walks. So he got a slow sniffing walk once I got home.

And finally, I hit my sewing room and dug in on the 19 blocks that I started yesterday. And I got them all done! Finished them up at about 10:15.

I need 17 more for this quilt top. So I dug into the remaining strips and paired them up. I’ll start sewing on them tomorrow evening.

There is a block or two that might come out of this. I’ll have to see how I feel about them when I’m done.

And that block I didn’t like last night? Well, it’s gone and snuggled in on the top of my scrap bin.

I’m pretty happy with how this is looking so far. I wish the photos showed these gorgeous fabrics in all their glory.

At one point this evening I decided to organize my friend’s quilts that are still stacked up on my guest room bed. And look who joined me.

It’s Ernie! He’s so freaking cute!

14 Replies to “Holy Cow! I Got A Lot Done Today!”

  1. You certainly did get a lot done! Homemade noodles – I am impressed!
    You have a fabulous eye for color, I love your newest quilt adventure. Ernie is super cute! Bogart looks like a sweet cuddle baby! Enjoy their visit ❤️

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  2. Love this new quilt you’re working on … just another example of “let the fabric do the work”. Not hard to do when the fabric is Kaffe. Your fabric pairs work really well. All that sewing and homemade noodles too? You’re a better woman than I am. Hoping to get some sewing done today.

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    1. Still thinking some of the blocks aren’t quite right. One or two may come out. I’ll take a closer look once all the blocks are done…. which could be any minute now!!!


  3. OMG!  You have so much energy.  I wish you could bottle and sell it!  I
    enjoy all your projects–just wish I could complete as much in a day. 
    Thanks for all your inspiration!

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  4. I sure wish I could smell that simmering pot of soup for the full effect!
    Is that a two x four quilt you made? I want to make one with blue and green batiks.

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    1. I noticed this morning that my house still smells like soup!

      I don’t know the hame of this quilt. I”m not following a pattern but have seen similar quilts out there. It’s a pretty basic design.



    1. the soup turned out really well! And I’m a huge soup fan. I can’t get enough of it in the winter. I love having my freezer stocked well.

      Ernie is a sweetie! It’s to fun to have a terrier in the house again!



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