Like a Terrier With a Squirrel

I had even intention of sewing two more rows of my Jewel Frames quilt top together tonight, but like a terrier getting distracted by a squirrel, I chased after another new project.

Several months ago a friend of mine told me she would love me to make her a Frankenbag for a trip she’s taking. She wanted it made out of pinks and teals. I’ve pulled different fabrics over the last few months but hadn’t landed on a combination that felt right for her. And tonight it hit me.

In going through my Jewel Frames project box the other evening I noticed that there were about a half-dozen spare blocks there… just waiting for a project. It hit me the other day that they would make a great Frankenbag for my friend. So tonight I pulled them out and pulled some other fabrics to combine with them.

Because I know someone will ask, here’s a link to my Frankenbag tutorial.

I liked this combo better than the fabrics I had pulled previously because it was darker, for one. And it was less frilly. A really frilly pink and teal bag didn’t feel right for my friend.

So I decided to dig in and start working on a couple of panels for a bag. I limited the fabrics to the fabrics that are in the quilt blocks.

I left two of the blocks intact and sliced up two others, then reassembled them into a vertical column. Then I sewed strips and pieces on until both panels measured about 17.5 x 17.5 inches.

I got both panels finished, made my quilt sandwiches and actually got both panels quilted! That’s actually a lot of productivity for one evening.

I just LOVE the view of these panels as I’m quilting them. I might have mentioned that before.

Here’s the panel that will be the front of the bag.

And this one will be the back of the bag.

There’s not much difference in these two panels. The only real difference is the section below the large pink block. And, frankly, most of the difference will be hidden when the gussets are sewn in. the parts that are different will be on the bottom of the bag. But I’ll know what’s there! Plus, the right side is the side that gets the tag sewn on.

I’ll line this bag and make the placket out of that jade millefiori. The interior pockets will probably be made from the black paperweight.

Here’s a little eye candy for you.

I’m going to finish this up this weekend. She needs it by February, so I want to get it to her in plenty of time for her trip.

After I finished working on this tonight I took a few minutes to set up my “radio studio” on my cutting table. I’m going to be live on the radio at 7 am for our end of year fundraising drive. I have to do it from my sewing room because I need to be hard wired into the internet rather than on wifi. My router is in my sewing room. So that’s where I am when I’m on the radio.

I have to be ready to go at 6:50 in the morning, so I plan to make it an early evening… well, an early evening for me. I’m planning on being in bed by midnight. To help me along, I’m enjoying a nice stiff egg nog as I type.

I won’t tell you how much whiskey is in that, but it should be as effective as an Advil pm!!!

I took the boys for a nice long afternoon walk while it wasn’t raining and before it got dark today. All the flotsam and jetsam from our wind storms had been cleaned from the path since we walked yesterday.

I forgot to mention that I ran into a co-worker on this trail during our afternoon walk yesterday. He often rides his bike on his commute and he came up behind us and slammed on his breaks when he recognized Bender and Rico! It was really fun to get to talk to him in person. He has dogs and knows my boys.

I usually keep a gate up across the guest room door so the dogs don’t spend too much time in there. It helps keep that room clean. I forgot to put the gate back in place today and Rico definitely exploited that oversight.

He was a little miffed that I woke him up from his nap.

24 Replies to “Like a Terrier With a Squirrel”

  1. Hello! I have three things to tell you/share: 1. I love your bags and your blog/emails! I’m also an Oregonian who has a dog that I’m crazy about (okay, I squeezed two things into the first one). 2. I made bags for my mom and my sister for Christmas–so much fun to make and so appreciated! I’m attaching photos of one of them. 3. Paducah’s is having a big sale. They have a large selection of Kaffe fabrics for $7.99 while supplies last. Thanks for all the inspiration! ~Laura


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    1. Haha! I know so many people through quilting and dogs! Some of the best people in my life!

      So cool that you made bags for gifts! I’ve given quite a few of them. They make great gifts.

      I’m not able to receive photos through comments. Please send them to me at

      I have already purchased way too much fabric in that Hancocks sale. No idea where I’ll put it all.



  2. Your friend is going to LOVE that Franken! That fan shaped Kaffe print is one of my favorites! Rico looks soooooo comfy 😻 I take a 25mg generic Benadryl nightly to help get to sleep. Works better than melatonin or anything else I have tried. Been doing it since our Callie passed away…

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    1. I should try melatonin. I have a friend that used to take it all the times. I’m usually a really good sleeper, but some nights I can sleep light and wake up a lot. I always go back to sleep, but am aware of waking a lot. Sometimes I just want a really good nights sleep.



  3. I like the latest Frankenbag panels, another awesome bag in production! There is never a dull moment with dogs !! Love seeing what Bender and Rico are up to ! Wishing You a Happy New Year ! Niki

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  4. What fundraising are you doing? Your bag is gorgeous, I love making bags, they are just so much fun to make. My Pooches always find a spot to curl up on and then it’s got hair all over it. I bought new beds yesterday for them but they prefer being on me most or right next to me.

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  5. I haven’t been collecting Kaffe fabrics for very long – in fact only since I started reading your column – but I love that stripe you used in the bag. Would you, or anyone, know if it’s still available or could put a name to it so I can do a search? Nice to see the Frankenbags again, I must say.


  6. I haven’t been collecting Kaffe fabrics for very long – in fact only since I started reading your column – but I love that stripe you used in the bag. Would you, or anyone, know if it’s still available or could put a name to it so I can do a search? Nice to see the Frankenbags again, I must say.

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    1. The stripe is called Strata.It’s one of Kaffe’s designs. The color way is red. It’s still available. and it’s gorgeous! I always make sure I have some in my stash.



  7. I hope you never stop blogging because you are one of my favorites. I love keeping up with your boys and what you’re making. I am so tired of people constantly trying to sell me stuff. I enjoyed the week your friend was with you and I too love Kaffe Fassett fabric. I don’t cook but I like to see what you make. I hope you have a happy and healthy 2023.

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    1. when doing the straight line quilting on these bags, I just use the edge of the foot on my walking foot. It gives me a nice 1/2 inch line. I occasionally use my piecing to make sure I’m still straight. I usually end up pretty close.



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