Friday Night and Exhausted

We finished up our three days of on-air fundraising this evening and I’m wiped out. I will do a little work tomorrow then I won’t be back at work until Wednesday.

Today was a busy day, but since I was up early and working late. I took a little break this afternoon and made a little progress on the Frankenbag I started last night.

I got the handles made and the outer bag all sewn together. I decided to flip one of the panels because I really liked how the bottom of it finished up and I wanted it to show on the top of the bag.

I’m really glad I saw that because I think it’s pretty cool. Plus, this means that the two sides of the bag will be more different.

It took a minute or two to decide if I would make the handles brown or black.

The right choice was definitely black. Plus, the black handles make black zippers make more sense.

After dinner I got the lining cut and fused the interfacing on. I also cut and fused the zipper placket. I was pressing the black fabric in the center of this photo so I could cut out the pockets when my friend called. That put an end to my productivity.

My boys were a little bored tonight. We had a nice three mile walk this afternoon, but it was raining this evening so we stayed in the house.

Bender perked up when I asked him if he wanted to go to bed.

Rico got into a little bit of a pickle with his shredded frisbee.

His face tells you how he feels about this situation.

Rico has his regular sheep herding lesson tomorrow morning. Then I think we’ll go for a nice field run if the field isn’t completely under water.

I have no plans for the remainder of the weekend, except to get some sleep, get some sewing done, get in our daily walks, and maybe go to the coast on Tuesday if the weather holds.

42 Replies to “Friday Night and Exhausted”

  1. I hope you get some rest in amidst your busy weekend, Ann. You work so hard!
    Thank you for all the interesting and inspiring posts. I hope to send a Frankenbag photo in the not too distant future- still a WIP I’m afraid !
    I wish you and yours a happy new year. May 2023 be filled with kindness, joy, creativity and good health.
    Lindy x

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  2. Ooo..i love that you switched the franken….what a knockout bag! seeing your pup pictures..such good company…raining like crazy here in S.oregon…but i dont mind..we need the moisture so…still snow on the ground…☃️

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    1. We’ve had a wet few weeks here. I’m pretty sure I’ve had around 6 inches of rain in the last week. It’s really wet! I threw the ball for the dogs In the park today and it was like a swamp!

      We do need the moisture, and you don’t have to shovel rain!



  3. Hi Anne, I also love your idea of flipping that one panel. The bag looks great! Here’s hoping you’ll have a fun, restful, and well-deserved long weekend. As for me, since schools reopen after winter break, I’m back at work on Tuesday. Wishing you the best in 2023!

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  4. Yes it was the right choice to flip. Black zippers are good as well. Curious if you have an idea how many cute puppy photos you have? I think it’s Benders ears that make him so photogenic. I could just hug him everytime I see his pix. Hey whatever happened to the shot cottons/stripes quilt?

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    1. there are probably thousands of dog photos on why phone! I rarely delete a photo. I just keep buying phones with more and more memory.

      the shot/stripes quilt will happen when it’s time is right!



  5. Enjoyed reading your blog this morning, gave inspiration do my sewing, 2 of my girlfriends and I have to finnish a challenge each week, this week a supermarket cloth bags as a starting point,So it will be a Franken bag, after ward a walk on the beach.Happy New Year.

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  6. Absolutely love your Franken bag I think I’m going to try and make one this weekend ,I love ,love ,love your choice of fabrics so bright and colorful, Happy New Year to you and your puppies !

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  7. I love how your dogs are truly family members and that you enjoy each others company and have fun together – Thank you for sharing!!! Happy New Year!

    “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”  Wayne W. Dyer            Gale  

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    1. These dogs are definitely a major part of my life. I can’t imaging going through life tripping over them constantly. Hahaha!

      happy new year an thanks for reading!



  8. Hello. I have recently started reading your blog and love it. I’m a dog person and have taken a HT test with my dogs, Rottweilers. Not the same as because’s but they get the job done.
    I wanted to ask you what you do with the Frankenbags? I’ve gathered that people send them to you. They are adorable. Do you donate to a charity? Give to womens groups?
    Thanks for the info.

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    1. I have a friend who used to do a little sheep herding with her Rottweiler. Dog always had a muzzle on when on sheep!

      People don’t send me Frankenbags. They send me photos of the Frankenbags they’ve made from my tutorial.

      I’ve made A LOT of Frankenbags. Some have been gifts. Most have been sold.

      Thanks for reading!


  9. Your dogs are so cute! They really photograph so well. I don’t really understand the shredded frisbee though. It wasn’t a regular frisbee was it? I’m thinking that you bought it like that, right?

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    1. The shredded frisbee is actually a fabric flying disk. ver time the dogs shredded the fabric on the inside. They love these shredded ones as a toy but they are impossible to throw… they just don’t go very far. We keep them because the dogs love them, for some reason.



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