I Might Have This Figured Out

Update: If you make a quilt like this, I recommend that you don’t sew your sashing to your blocks. Lay out your blocks and sashing on your design wall, then sew the rows together from there. I think it would all go together much more smoothly with that approach.

I’ve been busy this weekend and out and about so I didn’t hit my sewing room until tonight about 9 pm. I didn’t have a lot to give but I did get a few things done.

I’ve been thinking about this quilt even more over this weekend. I’m pretty sure I have it figured out so tonight I went ahead and cut the setting triangles and corner triangles and got them all up on the design wall.

It’s sort of a mess of stuff that’s overlapped, not aligned and haphazardly pinned. But it’s making sense in my head.

I got on a FaceTime video call with my friend this morning and showed her what the issue is and what I was thinking for a solution and she thought I did actually have it all figured out.

So here’s the solution. I sure hope it works. On each of those blocks on the right side of the design wall I’ll sew the vertical sashing (upper left in photo below) to the setting triangle.

The sashing that’s missing on the right side of this block (above) will be attached to the setting triangle that will fill that space.

Here’s how it comes together with the blocks around it.

Each row in this section will be completed from the left, moving to the right and ending with the setting triangle. Then those horizontal rows will be joined.

The good news is that this lower right corner is the complicated one. The other corners are much more simple and straight forward!

I still have to cut a few pieces of sashing. I was just too tired to night for any more thinking. I’ll probably start sewing on this tomorrow night. Wish me luck!

I took Rico for his sheep herding lesson yesterday morning. He did a great job, again! The field we were working in was really wet and muddy (and there’s more than dirt in that mud!!!), so he got a good spray off when we were done.

He’s gotten pretty accustomed to being sprayed with a hose after herding!

After his lesson we had two hours to kill before my Italian potluck dinner with friends. So I took a little drive around the countryside, then took the boys for a nice long field run. They had a great time playing with a really big stick!

I’m lucky they didn’t break my leg with that thing.

I was really impressed with our Italian pot luck meal! All the food was really good, and that’s not always the case! A couple people weren’t able to be there, so we were missing a couple of dishes. But still had tons of food.

We started with my Canederli and a pizza.

That was followed by some ravioli with creamy cheesy sauce and some gnocchi pan fried with butter and garlic.

It all wrapped up with a fantastic lemon tiramisu. It had limoncello and lemon curd.

Soooo yummy!

My friend’s young Briard Leica kept us company while we ate. She was such a good girl and got a few treats when her mom wasn’t looking.

She had her head on my lap a good portion of the meal.

Leica is big! I can stand up and scratch her head without bending over!

I was so tired last night I didn’t even take the boys for a walk. They were not happy about that.

But we got up this morning and went for a nice 3.5 mile walk after breakfast. I saw the first daffodils in my neighborhood.

It’s so wonderful to see them! Spring is just around the corner. And I saw another blooming shrub. My plant identifying app didn’t know what this was.

Then after some puttering around the house and getting few things done, I was off to play pickleball. I played for two hours and had an absolute blast! It might be the best I’ve ever played! And I felt great the entire time and feel great tonight. I even had enough oomph left to take the boys for another walk after dinner.

Another work week on the way. Yippee!

21 Replies to “I Might Have This Figured Out”

    1. She was such a sweetie! Really laid back and calm. I went out to my car at one point and when I came back in 60 seconds later she was so happy to see me!!! I just laughed!



  1. Sounds like the boys had a good time with the stick. Why is it they always have to have one so ridiculously too big? Funny boys. The quilt is looking good and seems you have figured it out, I knew you would. Not too much head banging or waling or gnashing of teeth.

    Dinner looked yummy and Lecia is very cute. Hard to resist cute dogs. All in all looks like you had a good weekend with a little of everything.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s so funny, but it’s really hard to find sticks in that park that are good for throwing. Maybe they were just really desperate for a stick!

      I THINK the quilt is figured out. I hope I don’t run into any catastrophes as I sew it together.



  2. I love your quilt and all the pictures of various things that filled your weekend. My friend had a Briard, they are big dogs but so loving. That tiramisu got my tastebuds going, I just love it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Briards are sooo big! I can’t imagine living with multiple dogs that big. Rico is 50 lbs but Leica probably has 10 inches of height on him!

      That tiramisu was soooo good! So lemony!



    1. Well, I don’t write posts about laying on the sofa eating popcorn!!! Maybe some day I will!

      I love this quilt but will be glad to have it all figured out and done!



  3. Sometimes I find it helpful to look at a problem from a different perspective. I might try rotating this entire layout 180 degrees, such that the the pesky lower right corner is in the upper left position.
    Thank you for sharing all of your process with us. Sometimes we learn as much, or more, from the agony as from the ecstasy. This is a marvelous quilt, and it’s exciting to skate on thin ice.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve never had a quilt top that has challenged me like this. It’s like putting a puzzle together. I’m happy to say that after a little more time and some judicious use of my seam ripper, I think it’s almost there!



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