I Girded My Loins and Started Sewing!

Update: If you make a quilt like this, I recommend that you don’t sew your sashing to your blocks. Lay out your blocks and sashing on your design wall, then sew the rows together from there. I think it would all go together much more smoothly with that approach.

After way too many days of looking at this Jumble Starburst quilt on my design wall, I dug in this evening and started sewing.

I got quite a bit done. I sewed the top and bottom left corners and sewed the center rectangle section of blocks.

I’m thinking I might be able to sew that row of four blocks in the lower right corner to the rectangle above it. But I’m not sure. I need to get the upper right corner put together first so I have a better idea of how that lower right corner will join up with it all.

So, I would guess that I have about 2/3 of this top sewn together. Unfortunately, it’s the easy 2/3s!!!

I have the blocks for that upper right corner on my small design wall. I’ll work on it tomorrow night. It’s pretty straight forward.

I don’t love pressing quilts. But there is one thing I love about it… it’s this view!

I do have a little bit of regret on this quilt top. I wish I hadn’t been so obsessed with figuring out how to make it come together and had spent a little time thinking about my setting triangles — auditioning different options. I think a different color of Jumble would have been really fun for the setting triangles. And that way I wouldn’t lose those jumble sashing points. I’m feeling a little sad that those points have gone missing.

But it’s too late now. I’ll have to live with my regret.

I’m pretty sure I have that pesky lower right corner figured out. It s going to overlap the upper right corner when it’s all put together. I’m not exactly sure what that’s going to look like. But this corner will probably be the very last piece that’s sewn onto the quilt top. At least that’s what I’m thinking right now. Who knows… I might have a completely different plan tomorrow.

It feels good to finally be taking action with this beast! I might even have this all put together in the next few days.

My boys are usually really good at hanging out while I work from home every day. But at around 4:00 every day they lose their patience. Even if we’ve had an afternoon walk like we do most days.

Bender gets really close and usually keeps bringing toys to me. I often have to shoo him out from under my desk as he likes to get under there and get tangled up in all the cords. Sometimes he just looks really hopeful…

That dog could stare a hole right through me!

Rico can be more demanding… barking and barking to get my attention. Sometimes he looks damned cute when I ask him something important like, “do you want to go outside?”

I decided I’m going to take Friday off. I have a few things I need to get done that can’t be done on the weekend. I’m looking forward to a long weekend. Maybe I’ll shirk my obligations and take these boys to the coast if the weather is nice.

33 Replies to “I Girded My Loins and Started Sewing!”

  1. I love this quilt! Jumble is such a versatile design – it doesn’t care how one cuts it – it still looks good. I’m enjoying following your blog.

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  2. <

    div dir=”ltr”>This damn thing has kept me awake.   I don’t have your patience.  I would have ripped it out and tried something else. Or……….put all those finished blocks

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    1. Thanks! I’m pretty bold with my fabric and color choices. And I just LOVE the combo of a graphic black and white fabric with all these bright prints. it’s pretty magical!

      Thanks for reading!



    1. I just checked the weather and it’s going to be a wet day, so no beach day for us. Being on the beach when it’s raining is not fun!!! We’ll find something else to do.



  3. The hard part of working from home, your pets. The pack must play. 😊 They are so stinking cute, hard to resist.

    I know you love those points but sometimes the matching sashing and setting triangles give you some room for a discrete mis-match. But you’re a bit of a perfectionist from what I have seen of you. Because of the you make enviable quilts and bags! It is looking great!

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    1. I can’t imagine how my dogs would ever go back to me working in the office five days a week! they never get left alone at home for more than a couple hours these days.

      I’m not sure I’m a perfectionist, but I do like things that are well made. I think I get precision because I choose projects that fit well with my skill level and interest.

      I’m getting less and less interested in precision with this one and just want it to be done!



      1. Amen to that! I know that feeling. I made Surrounded by Four Paws Quilting, king sized, and I was a beginner. It got put away( for years) and then I took it out and had to deal with all the mess ( wonky blocks, sizes off…). Got it together, added a border to make up size difference…So glad when it was done! Not perfect by any means, but done. It was too big for to do as a beginner with that many sized blocks to be precision cut and pieced. But I hope to tackle it again someday. Maybe not a King size😂

        My daughter(Elizabeth) and son-in-law( Matt) worked from home during COVID and went back to office working. They did it gradually because Jasper ( a rescue Chesapeake Retriever) got so used to them being home. He slimmed down with that lunchtime walk (lol) but has since regained his pre-COVID physique.

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      2. I really hate making big quilts. Queen size quilts are to big for me. I have no interest in doing a king! God for you for finishing it!

        I doubt I’ll ever have to go back to the office five days a week. So my boys don’t have to worry to much!



  4. I love how the star bursts float in the sashing . Piecing can be such a mental challenge , it’s almost like the fabric is controlled by gremlins. It’s said that people with dogs live more active lives , how could you not when such beautiful eyes look longingly at you

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    1. I’ve never struggled with a quilt top like I have with this one! It’s really been a learning experience.

      I know my dogs need their physical activity. Heck, we’re all happier when we’ve had our walks and field runs. We all sleep better too!

      No one looks at you the way your dog looks at you!



  5. Your quilt is gorgeous! I have so much Kaffe, I must must make this quilt! I really like the way you put it together with the setting triangles.

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    1. He’s so photogenic. It’s too bad my talents don’t run in that direction. I’ve started three portraits of different dogs and years later they’re all partially finished. Every piece of fabric was torture. They look really good but I really don’t enjoy it!!!



      1. I plan to try my had at a collage quilt of my pup, Kaboose. Here’s the pic I want to use. I used GIMP software to posterize it down to 5 colors in the pdf. Still looks intimidating! I’ll let you know how it goes in about a year! 😉


  6. <

    div dir=”ltr”>Good morning!  I must say of the four, I like #1 best. But not thrilled with it as much as I would like to be.  #2 is a no-go for sure for me.    I never realized how much the backing comes into play.  I like all Kaffe reds so I


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