My Lovely Paper Pieced Mountains

It felt so good to drive through the mountains last weekend that I decided to dive in and sew up some of the mountain paper piecing templates I purchased a few weeks ago.


I wanted basic blues for the mountains, and a darker sky to make it look like a moonlit night. So I dug through my batik scraps and supplemented with some blue batik yardage. I added the green pieces at the bottom in an improv manner. I needed the panel to be a little taller and I wanted it to look more like a full landscape.


I just love the darker blue dots for the sky. It feels like one of the bright snowy nights I remember from my childhood.


The template package came with a bunch of different little mountain designs in each of three sizes so you can sew a lot of them and never make the same one twice.


This paper pieced panel will be used in a zipper pouch, but I’m going to have a hard time deciding what fabric I’ll use for the body of the bag. Here are some options:

Taupe linen, gray chambray, blue chambray...

Three options in blue batik… light, dark, and way too busy!

Various orange batik options… Bright, lighter, and more mellow.

Yellow and beige batiks… It think these two are out!

I do have a few favorites in these options (see the underlined options above), but I’m nowhere near decided.

I still have to make a panel for the other side of the pouch and then I’ll have to make a decision.  Can’t wait to see how this works up.

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