Scrappy Black and White

I haven’t had much time for sewing the last few weeks. I’ve been busy with work and my weekends have been consumed by dog training seminars. And a friend of mine flew into town for a weekend on the Southern Oregon Coast with my brother and his wife.

I finally have a free weekend before work gets crazy for a couple of weeks. So I sat down at the sewing machine tonight to make a project that I assembled the fabrics for a week or so ago.


I’ve been wanting to make a quilt-as-you-go zipper pouch from some of my black and white scraps. And I had some nicely sized border collie fabric to feature on the pouch.

I really like how it turned out. I love color, but I love graphic black and white too!

I sewed the pieces onto batting and quilted each scrap of fabric as I added it to the piece.


I had several black and white fabrics already cut for linings, so I selected the one with dog paws. So perfect!


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