Dog Competition Awards… Zipper Pouches

A friend of mine is hosting a friendly dog agility competition later this summer and has asked me to make zipper pouches for the main prizes for winners. It was a great chance to go through all my dog fabrics and put together some fun combos.

I’ll be making 15 pouches overall — 5 each of large, medium and small. I finished the five large over the weekend.


I have way too much dog themed fabric! i have larger pieces of the black and white paw prints and bone prints. I have smaller amounts of the other dog prints. So this is a good opportunity to clean out some of those fabrics.

The small and medium pouches will have some brighter colors in them. I’ll put some work into them this weekend. I want to make sure I have them done and don’t have to scramble at the last minute to get them done.

There are some really fun dog themed fabrics out there. I’m guessing I’ll buy more in the future!

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