A new obsession? And other things

I’ve been wanting to try crumb quilting for awhile, and when someone recently posted a crumb pieced block on the Facebook Kaffe Fassett Collective page, it was just the push I needed.

So I went to Youtube and searched for tutorials on how to make these blocks. There were a lot of results, and after watching just a few minutes I had enough information to forge forward.  Here’s my first two attempts…


These were made from my Kaffe Fassett Collective scraps. It’s a really fun way to use up scraps and I know I’ll be making more blocks like this.

And something interesting… there is very little blue in my scrap pile. And very little blue in my Kaffe stash. Blue is not my favorite color, but I never realized that I might be actively avoiding it. I might have to give some thought to blues as I’m out and about in the local quilt shops.

My plan is to sew these blocks into a drawstring pouch made from my tutorial.I’ve started looking at fabrics for the bag body and was initially thinking black and white. So I dug into my Kaffe black and whites and kept going back to this combo…


Good lord… how I love those bright Kaffe colors with a graphic black and white.

But I think I may go a completely different direction on this one. Stay tuned!

I’ve been anxiously waiting for the new collection of KFC fabrics and finally ordered some recently. They came this week and they are gorgeous! The mosaic circles is crazy gorgeous! I bought a yard of each, plus some other new fabrics, and some pieces to replace some pieces from my stash.


After a wet December and January in Portland, February  has been pretty amazing! It was so warm and Sunny today that I had my lunch in the sun on the patio! What a glorious thing to be able to do in February!


And the next ten days looks pretty amazing too!


My brother and his wife are visiting this weekend. We’re going to go to Rico’s sheep herding lesson tomorrow, then for a field run and nice walk with the dogs. Followed by a visit to the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge in Washington. We may stop for dinner on the waterfront in Vancouver before heading home.

Sunday, I have an agility trial. Not sure we’re ready for it.

3 Replies to “A new obsession? And other things”

  1. Love your color combos!
    As I read your post – it’s the 4th of July at 7:36 in San Antonio Texas and a cool 82°. I have been watching your sizzling summer – always have an eye on west coast weather since I am from Washington State. Sorry it’s so hot there but happy it’s been relatively cool here.

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    1. Lesley;
      Hmmm. Seems so odd that it’s cooler in Texas than in the Pacific Northwest! We are cooler this week, but still hotter than a usual Portland summer. I’m so fortunate that I have air conditioning. Luckily, it’s cooling down nicely at night so I can open the window and run a fan and get my bedroom down to the low 60s each night.


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