Stars Ready to Be One With Rectangles

I got all my star blocks trimmed and squared up this evening and spaced out on the design wall. After a little bit of tweaking tomorrow night I’ll start adding the KFC fabric rectangles to the design wall.

I just love squaring up quilt blocks. It can really take blocks from looking a little messy and wonky to amazing. These blocks are pretty generous, so it was really easy to trim them.

You can see how crooked some of those trimmed edges are in the above photo. You can also see really clearly in the above photo how there is much more than a 1/4 inch seam allowance outside the points. This means the points will “float”… there will be white fabric between the point of the star and the outside seam. Floating points lessen the need for precision in piecing these blocks… I don’t have to worry about taking too big of a seam allowance and chopping off the point of a star.

All those crisp and clean blocks and that pile of trimmings… so satisfying!

5 Replies to “Stars Ready to Be One With Rectangles”

      1. Thanks so much, that’s all I need. Cant wait to see the next step in your process. You have inspired me to use some of my Kaffe fabric along with purchasing more, lol.

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    1. To make the stars, this pattern has you start with a rectangle and sew smaller squares across two of the corners and you end up with, essentially, a flying geese unit.


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