More of My Crafty Past — Painting With Acrylics

I’m not a natural artist, but I’ve always been interested in painting. I find that the secret is to know what my skills and abilities are and paint things that are within those limits.

I bought some new acrylic paints a few months ago and have not tried them out until last night. And I’m pretty happy with what I was able to do.

This is a very small canvas — just 3×3 inches square. They are really fun to paint. They don’t take much time. And there’s not a big commitment to a huge project. I’m really happy with how this turned out and it felt really good to have my paints out again.

So today I painted another small canvas as I was listening to a webinar for work. It was a great way to keep my hands busy while my brain was occupied.

Then after out nightly three mile walk, I pulled out another canvas and finished up another painting. I’m really having fun with these little desert landscapes and they’re helping me feel warm!

I’m thinking I may paint six or nine little desert scenes and combine them into one wall hanging. Not sure how I’ll mount them all, but I have a picture of it in my head and I think it will work. I may have to enlist my wood working brother to make a custom frame for me.

I haven’t done much painting with acrylics, with the exception of using them to paint rocks. (I’ll do a post soon about my painted rocks.) I first tried painting with acrylics last January when some friends and I did a “Thirty mini canvases in thirty days” challenge. We were supposed to make one small piece of art every day for a month.

It was really challenging and forced me to step outside my comfort zone to try some new things. Here’s some of the things I made during this challenge with acrylic paints.

That is, of course, a sunflower. And next is a tree made from dots. You’ll see a lot more dots when I show you my painted rocks.

And then these really fun little floral landscapes made from dots. I just love these!

This one is 3×3.

This one is 4×4.

This one is 3×4.

And a little abstract dots painting, 3×3.

And more abstract dots. This canvas is 8×8 and this took forever! That’s a lot of dots, but i really like how this turned out!

Next is this cute little floral. I really want to try this with my new paints. The paints I used for this were pretty cheap.

And finally, I made this painting of Rico, but never got around to finishing all the details. This is 5×7.

A friend of mine commented that all of my paintings that I share on social media are so good. I laughed and told her that I don’t share the ones that are terrible. And I’m not going to share them here.

I’m not a great painter, but I’m enjoying something that is really outside of my comfort zone and my natural talents!

10 Replies to “More of My Crafty Past — Painting With Acrylics”

  1. What a natural talent you are! Have you ever tried acrylic pours? That’s really fun. I’ve tried it, but it’s really messy and just not for me. I’ll stick with fabric and fiber, thank you.

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    1. Some friends and I got together and did acrylic pours about a year ago. It was fun, but yes… a real mess. I love watching videos of acrylic pours, but my personal curiosity about it has been satiated.


    1. Thanks! I wish I enjoyed painting more. It’s not a natural talent for me, so I really have to work hard at it. Maybe some day it will become more natural and more enjoyable.


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