More Creativity From My Past — Crocheted Dogs

After I moved to Portland 10.5 years ago I started playing with crocheted dogs. At first, the dogs were very free form and sort of like cartoon dogs. Each dog was designed as I crocheted, shaping and creating personality as I went on.

The green one in the back was the prototype. You can see that I roughly embroidered the eyes and nose on. the blue and orange dogs show some improved ways of doing the nose, and I used two buttons for each eye… a white one and a black one. I love the way they look like they’re whistling! I still have the orange one sitting on the buffet in my kitchen. I had a lot of fun with these bright and vibrant colors.

The dogs were made in several parts. The body and head were crocheted all in one piece. the muzzle, arms and legs, ears and tail were made separately and stitched on. All of these dogs are around 14 inches tall from their butt to the top of their heads.

I soon moved onto making actual dog breeds. Of course, I started with Jack Russell terriers. And soon I was making custom dogs to match real dogs. I made a lot of Jack Russells because I know a lot of people with Jack Russells.

This was made in the likeness of my friend’s Natty who is a full older sister to my Skeeter. She was completed with a collar and a crocheted tag with her name on it.

By the time I got to this point I was using pre-made eyes. They gave a really nice finish to these more realistic dogs.

Here’s Natty Two with the real Natty!

When someone would request a dog made to match their actual dog, I would ask them to send me photos that showed the dog’s markings from all sides so I could make the crocheted dog a close match.

Here’s a Jack Russell named Jack showing the markings on his back.

It’s really common for Jack Russells to be mostly white with color on their head and at the base of their tail. It’ not uncommon for them to have other body markings, but many of them are white other than the head and tail markings.

Here’s Jack with his tag.

Here’s a close up of some fuzzy eyebrows I made for a Jack Russell named Scoot.

Here’s Jack and Scoot together.

This next one is a border collie named Tips made as a gift for a good friend of mine who got me started on the path to quilting. I really put a lot of effort in making the markings match the real Tips. He now sits on my friend’s baby grand piano in her living room.

He was a complete surprise to her and she loved this little dog!

Here’s a fun little wiener dog… just because I wanted to make one! He’s so cute.

Here’s a really cute little corgi named Emmy that I made for a friend for Christmas. I just love those short little legs!

I really struggled to get those ears right. In fact, I didn’t get them figured out in time for Christmas, so I gave Emmy as a gift like this…

And one of my favorite that I made was this little chihuahua named Chica. It took me some time to figure her out, but I just love how she turned out. That little pink stomach and pink ears are just too much!

Even the detail in the shape of the ears is just so much fun!

These were really fun to make with crochet because I could do all the shaping on the fly. I could make this with just a pattern in my head. But my hands were starting to give me problems at about this time, and making these was torture. I love a really nice tight and consistent stitch, and it aggravated all the issues I deal with because of all the repetitive things I’ve done with my hands my entire life.

I’m so glad that quilting doesn’t other my hands!

16 Replies to “More Creativity From My Past — Crocheted Dogs”

  1. WOW! It’s incredible to me all you can accomplish – yesterday and today’s posts, Loved the bags and little purses and these dogs are too cute! So talented. I understand about the hand pain. I love tie dye and fabric dyeing but all the wringing/rinsing hurts after a few minutes. 😦

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    1. Thanks! The thing I miss the most about my poor hands is knitting. I really love to knit, and do so little of it now. I only make a few hats a year, and I mostly did that while flying. So with no flying this year, my hat production is low. I just got some yarn from my sister in law that she dyed with plants from her garden. She wants a hat and a shawl. So there will be a little knitting in my near future.


  2. I love your blog. I am a new quilter and use Kaffe fabrics. Made two quilts using his bold patterns. Your felt items and dogs are adorable. I to use to crochet but gave it up.

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  3. Anne I sent photos of a bag I made with Keiko Goke fabrics to Stitchcraft Boca ( my favorite fabric store) because they are featuring the fabrics on their website. I used your drawstring bag pattern except I made it much bigger. They ask if they can put my photos on their website I’d like your permission since it’s your pattern

    You will recognize this pattern as yours but without the crumb piece. And the drawstring isn’t finished here

    Sent from my iPhone

    > > >>>

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    1. I’m happy for you to share the photo of the bag you made using my pattern. It would be great if they could give me credit and provide a link to that tutorial on my blog. Thanks for asking.


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