Cranking Out Greeting Cards and a Little Organization

I’m on a bit of a greeting card jag. I’ve made 45 4×5 1/2 inch cards in the last few days.

I had purchased these blank cards a few years ago thinking I would paint some designs on them. I lost interest in that project pretty quickly so I had a lot of cards left over — two packages of 80 cards each!

I did paint a few cards initially, b ut not very many and I have around 80 cards left. I’ll probably make a few more of these. I plan to package them in sets and give some as gifts and probably sell a few.

I just love the way these KFC fabrics cut up into smaller pieces. Each card is unique.

It’s interesting to see how each fabric looks so different on different colors of cards.

I love that spiral shells fabric in that color way. It gives me chills!

And this coleus. Ooh. It’s like a cold and deep lake!

These cards are really quick and easy to make. I’m using up scraps and am adhering the fabric to the cards using Heat and Bond. I cut the fabric so that I’ll have a 1/4 inch border on each card. So if the card is 4×5, I cut the fabric to 3.5×4.5. I had purchased the medium weight Heat and Bond to make my sea glass wall hanging. I thought it was too thick and stiff for that project so purchased some light weight. This is a good way to use that up.

The final thing I did during my vacation was to organize and clean my sewing room. My neighbor is moving and has been getting rid of a lot of stuff. I’ve snagged a couple of storage pieces that helped in this organization project.

I’ve been wanting to clean out the closet in this room for a long time. It’s been full of boxes that I brought here when I moved 11.5 years ago. It’s been bothering me that I haven’t been able to use that closet for my sewing supplies.

So when my neighbor offered me a large stainless steal shelf unit, I jumped on it. I moved some stuff from a smaller shelf in the garage and put it on this larger shelf and got some other stuff up off the garage floor. That freed up the smaller garage shelf so that is now holding all of these boxes …

The next thing I snagged from my neighbor was an Ikea stacked wire drawer unit. And then I moved the same smaller unit from the closet in my guest room.

These drawer units are holding quilt tops, all my interfacing products, some blocks for quilts that are in progress, and some sets of fabrics that I’ve set aside for eventual quilts.

With this closet freed up I’ve been able to get a lot of stuff up off the floor and off the counter tops.

I also cleaned off my sewing table, my chest of drawers and my cutting table. Here are some before and after photos…

This chest of drawers is full of fabric. Mostly KFC fabrics. It feels so good to have all that crap put away!

Here’s the sewing table and cutting table.

M cutting table is a stainless steel restaurant counter. It was such a great buy. I’ve gotten so much use out of that. The bins underneath hold mostly batiks, with a couple bins of Aboriginal fabrics and some odds and ends.

It feels so good to have this room cleaned and organized. I actually feel like I want to be in there.

After two weeks of vacation, the boys are wondering why we’re spending so much time at home. We joined some friends in Oregon City last night for some dog agility and saw this amazing sunset!

Facebook reminded me yesterday that Bender was freaking cute when he was five months old!

I’m so glad it’s the weekend. Tomorrow, my plan is to move my office from the guest bedroom to the dining room. I need a different view as I work so I’m going to give this set up a try.

28 Replies to “Cranking Out Greeting Cards and a Little Organization”

  1. Love your note cards and am an admirer of your many talents!!!! I would be interested in purchasing note cards if you decide to sell some.

    Happy stitching, Mary Ann

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  2. I’m glad you mentioned using Heat n Bond Lite for the cards. The cards you’ve made already are just wonderful! That urge to tidy up your sewing space doesn’t come along very often so it’s best to take advantage.

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    1. BJ
      I actually used the medium Heat and Bond for these cards. I had purchased it for my sea glass wall hanging, but it was too stiff and thick. So I got some light instead. But the medium works really well for these cards. I’m guessing the light would work equally as well.


    1. I used mod podge when I covered some wooden boxes with fabric recently. But I haven’t used it on cards. One thing I like about using the Heat and Bond is that it’s not messy! And it’s really fast!


    1. I used mod podge when I covered some wooden boxes with fabric recently. But I haven’t used it on cards. One thing I like about using the Heat and Bond is that it’s not messy! And it’s really fast!


  3. The cards are Beautiful…such a great idea! Your creative juices are going to town…I love it! Your pictures always bring me a smile. Happy, bright fabric is always a good choice! Great job on cleaning and rearranging…what a good feeling!

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  4. I absolutely love the cards you made! KFC fabric is so colorful that it lends itself to many creative ideas.. Enjoy your September and look forward to your next posting.

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  5. It’s great having an organized sewing room (and in my case, also used for painting). BUT, one project later and it looks like a tornado hit, especially in making a Frankenbag! Your cards are great!

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  6. Love the colorful cards! The spiral shell and the petal/dotted ones in first picture are my favorites, they are great on every color card you used 🙂 Good job on organizing. Do the boys have dog beds in there? Thanks for the hints on the fish tacos recipe!

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    1. Rico almost never comes into the sewing room. I think it’s too close quarters for him. Bender is in there a lot and is always in the way He likes to lay under my sewing table. He always seems to be laying down where I need to be next!



  7. I’m having so much fun doing/replicating your projects. I’ve made a bunch of the cards I know my donators will enjoy. I love using them!! Like you a clean studio is motivating but doesn’t last. Frankenbags can make a mess (in a fun way😁). All those fabrics all over get me inspired. So do you! Awwww…

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