Indigo Panels are Done

I worked later than I wanted to this evening. Then I hurried and had my dinner so I could run into the office to pick up some papers, and be there early enough to see one of the people in my department before she headed home. I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen her since early last summer. . . except on Zoom. It’s crazy how long we’ve been apart. We’re getting really close to 2 years working from home. It was really good to get to see her and have a chat. We don’t get enough of that these days.

After I got home I took the boys for a nice walk, and then I settled in to my sewing room to whack away at the indigo Frankenbag panels. And I got them done.

And now I’m anxious to see them quilted. I think it will really transform them.

Here’s a bigger view of each. I’m considering this first one the front of the bag.

I really like that fussy cut spiral image. I’m not a big fussy cutter, but I this fabric called for it.

Here’s a close up of the strips of fabric between the fussy cut block and the vertical block on the right. I think it’s harder to see in the larger photo that there are several different batik prints in that vertical strip.

I just love those indigo batiks. The different patterns and the lovely variation you get in color from batiks. I also love that the colors from fabric to fabric are a little different. I think it makes it all more interesting. And it’s more casual, like the variation in the crumb pieces.

Here’s the back of the bag.

One of the things that I love about my blog platform is that I can look at all kinds of metrics about who visits the site. One of the things I can see is how many visitors I have, broken out by country for each day. It’s so much fun to see how the countries vary. Yesterday there were no views from Panama. Today, 157 views from Panama. I’m so curious as to how all those people in Panama found out about my blog.

Here’s the rest of the countries on my list.

I’m having to wrap early tonight because I have to start work at 7 am.

I’ll leave this photo of my little Forrest for you. Forrest was my first Jack Russell terrier and he definitely had, and still has, my heart. He is the dog to which all other dogs are compared, and none measure up.

I always knew that if I couldn’t locate Forrest at night, he was in that room curled up on that pillow.

24 Replies to “Indigo Panels are Done”

    1. Delighted to see that after the US, Australia is next on your blog! I enjoy your blogs. After a couple of hot humid days weโ€™re now enjoying cool wet days in Sydney.

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  1. I love the Indigo Batiks too. The colours in Batiks are so pure and clear. They look great with your panels. Your posts are so inspirational. I have now got plenty of FKC in my stash to think about making my first Frankenbag……. maybe some more oranges………. and yellows……..perhaps greens ๐Ÿค” ever the procrastinator when it comes to fabrics ๐Ÿคญ. It’s a beautiful day here in Chester England with signs that spring is on its way. Have a lovely day ๐Ÿ˜€

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    1. I hope you’re right about spring being on its way. This winter has been very long and dreary so far. I could use some sunshine. Luckily… we have some coming!!! Yay!


  2. You are an amazing writer and an extremely creative seamstress. I started reading your blog about a month ago and thoroughly enjoy your daily updates about your dogs, walks and of course quilting ideas and progress. Thank you and keep ’em coming.
    You can add another country to your list. I’m an expat living in MX but travel to Oregon each year to fill my suitcase full of fabrics.

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  3. Do I see grey eyebrows on Forrest? How old is that sweet baby? The batiks are fabulous with the hand dyed fabric.
    Very cool you reach people from so many countries! Hi Y’all from San Antonio ๐Ÿค—

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  4. Your posts are inspirational and on so many platforms it’s easy to see why word has spread around the globe. With so many awesome ideas, the most adorable dogs, Kaffe Collective fabrics and a general relatability to our everyday life I’m sure you will snowball into a much bigger following soon. Good job Anne!
    Maddie from northern Illinois

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    1. The country list changes a lot day by day. New Zealand is almost always on the list. It’s on the list today! I get comments and emails from people in New Zealand!


  5. Thanks for sharing the info about your blog readership. Such a bond all around the globe to know that so many folks are enjoying your inspiring words and photos as much as I do. ๐Ÿค—

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    1. It’s been so much fun, especially during pandemic isolation, to connect with so many people from all over the world. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment!


  6. Enjoy reading your blog posts, antics of your dogs adorable ๐Ÿ˜Š.
    Inspirational approach to patchwork Iโ€™m a bit like you never did get along with maths at school but in the end always works out โ€ฆ..surprise myself sometimes.
    Hello from Adelaide Australia. Love your snow photo, hot humid and flooding to the north of Adelaide thankfully more pleasant days at the moment.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿค—

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    1. Oh, math. I tried and tried to take college level math classes. Couldn’t get through them.

      I hope you stay safe from the floods. We’re having a pretty mild winter again this year. Hardly a cold spell at all… which means the fleas will be bad again this summer.



  7. I look for your blog everyday. It’s uplifting to see an avid quilter/sewer work so hard at work balanced by exercise and sewing. I am also a dog lover.

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  8. Hi Anne, Iโ€™m just up the road from you in WA! Iโ€™ve been reading you blog for a few months. Love the Frankenbags and the feed sack bags! Wish I had a source for those feed sacks! Your Kaffe collection is to die for! Iโ€™ve got two rescued Border Collies, one used to herd for a living in ID. They envy Bender and Rico and those LONG walks! How exciting to have folks all over the world reading about the three of you and all your adventures.

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    1. Do you have a Wilco near you? Most of them have a recycle bin near their feed pick up area. The seem to be ok with you rifling through that bin to get bags.

      My dogs both go back to dogs from a breeder and well known sheep dog handler in Idaho. They might all be related!

      I have way too much KFC fabric! I’m sure I’ll never use it up. Good thing it brings me happiness!



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