So Much Rain and a Green Frankenbag Finish

It poured over night last night and for most of the morning. I’m pretty sure it must have rained three inches. My rain guage was completely full by noon.

The beer is there to show you how big that dog dish is.

We were lucky to get a bit of a break for a somewhat damp afternoon walk and then our evening walk was dry and almost 60 degrees! It was freakishly warm. We have a lot of rainy days coming up. But it looks like today may have been the most significant. Looks like the weekend might be pretty nice.

After our evening walk I dug in and finished this gorgeous green batik Frankenbag. Oh man, how I love those greens!

I wasn’t sure how the green batiks would work with the KFC scraps, but I really like it. The reds really pop with all the green. There’s a reason… check your color wheel!

Here’s the other side of the bag.

It was really a good idea to use that lighter faux leather with these green batiks. And it works really well with my favorite tag.

And the obligatory detail photos.

When I’m constructing the lining, pockets, and zipper placket, I get everything cut and fused and sit down and do as much sewing as I can. Here’s everything all prepped and ready to sew.

And here’s another photo of the lining with the zipper placket attached. Next step is sewing the side and bottom seams, and then the gussets.

It’s nice to be able to look at this and know that it’s right, even though it feels so wrong!

And I used the self stick adhesive tape to place the zipper for the pocket and placket and it worked perfectly! It was so much easier to place the zipper for the pocket and I got a better installation. It was also easier to get the placket all ready to assemble. I will use this on all upcoming bags. I like things that make processes more efficient and give a better finish.

The best thing happened this morning during one of my Zoom calls… this squirrel ran up the tree with a peanut butter bottle on his head!!!

It was the most amazing thing! It just might be the best thing that I’ll see this week.

I called Bender’s neurologist first thing this morning. She called me back late this afternoon. We talked about Bender’s seizures for a few minutes. After a few minutes of conversation she decided that DOUBLING one of his medications was the way to go. It was a big boost to this same medication that started his 5-year seizure free run. So I’m feeling hopeful that this will get us a few more years of a normal life for this kid.

And Rico had to get in on the photo action too!

My next project will be another bag made from the scraps from my Ice Storm quilt because an acquaintance of mine wants one. I sold the other one to a co-worker. But on this one, I’ll use some darker grays to surround the lighter blocks to make it a little more practical.

28 Replies to “So Much Rain and a Green Frankenbag Finish”

  1. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your post s and seeing your wonderful creations I want to make a bag like this one day. It’s especially cheering at the moment as I am spending my days sitting at the bedside of my father who is at end of life, with cancer, such a slow painful way to go. I will sort m you collection of KF fabric soon I hope. Keep up the good work. Love to you and your beautiful dogs. Many years ago I had a boarder collie, had her for 14 years, broke my heart when she went and I could never have another to replace her. She was my true companion. All the best, Maria Swain in the UK.

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    1. Maria; All my best to you during this difficult time with your father. I was able to be with both my parents as they took their final breaths and as difficult as it is, it’s also an amazing gift. Strength and peace to you and your father.

      And yes… these dogs are the best. I can’t imagine getting through my days without them.



  2. Hi! I always enjoy our posts as a fellow seamstress!

    Wondering where you get your zippers from? I’m going through lots of them with my bag sewing.

    Thanks for sharing your adventures!

    Susan Branson

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  3. Yes! Those pretty spring greens are SO pretty! The lighter brown leather straps are a match for your tags :). Just wondering the brand for the self stick adhesive tape for the zippers, do you use steam a seam? I can see that would be a great help in holding the zippers, the pins usually let them move on me and/or I get pricked. Nothing like bloodshed in the sewing room. Love the squirrel picture! I sure hope Bender’s neurologist is correct. He is such a sweetie 🙂

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  4. Green is my favorite color so your Spring-bright bag is a treasure. The squirrel photo is great! And here’s hoping the meds increase will keep Bender seizure free.

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  5. I so love seeing these posts—especially all the bags that others have sewn and shared with you—but also your tutorials. I just used your link for the zipper installation to sew in a zipper on a walker bag that I made for my mother-in-law, and it looked great. I will now try the tape to keep the next one from slipping while sewing. I have more walker bags to make, and it occurs to me that I cold make “FrankenWalkerBags” lol. The dogs are adorable, and I’m hoping that Bender’s seizures will cease and stay away.


    1. FrankenWalkerBags are a great idea! Everyone will want one!

      The tape worked really well for me. It really made the zipper placement much easier. And it’s nice to not have to remove pins to sew.



  6. Great news for Bender and you!
    The green bag is gorgeous. I’m a green person as well! Wondering how the Ice Storm fabrics would look with the blue batiks? Hhhmm? Also brand of basting tape you’re using, please. The one I purchased is not sticking well/at all. Or it was a bad one from Amazon. Either way it’s frustrating.
    If you’re finished with the rain we sure could use it. Please and thank you. Loved all the animal pix. Was that Benders peanut butter container?

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  7. I just made my first Frankenbag to give to a friend. Thank you for your great tutorial. Can you show us what you mean by using the self adhesive tape for zipper placement? Thank you.

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  8. I like this cheery spring bag, and I too am am curious as to where you find the metal zippers, I can’t find them around here after checking numerous places. The squirrel with the peanut butter jar is cute and unusual, I am wondering what type of tree with the moss growing on it? I do hope the updated meds for handsome Bender works for him, cute photo’s of him and Ricco.

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      1. Thanks for the link on the zippers, I will have them by Saturday, than a challenge it will be to add them to bags !!

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  9. Wishing Maria and her father peace and comfort. My 96 yr old Dad has issues keeping me busy – I feel your pain.
    The green Batik is another beautiful work of art!
    If you get tired of the rain we will be happy to have some ☺.
    More hugs for Bender and Rico too 🤗🤗🤗

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    1. We definitely need the rain. So I keep reminding myself of that.

      Bless everyone taking care of oldsters now. Such a difficult but important thing to do.



  10. I love green too–I call it the color of nature. And those complimentary colors do pop! The bag is beautiful and you are a sewing “machine”. I’m so impressed with how much you get done–amazing. Fingers crossed for your beautiful Bender. I have a feeling this is going to be the thing that takes care of his problem, poor guy. It’s harder on you than him though, I’m pretty sure! You other dog’s name escapes me at this moment, but my son calls our dog, with similar ears, one up-one down. So cute and lends him much personality.

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    1. Yes, luckily Bender is pretty unaware of what he’s going through. He’s the happiest dog I’ve ever known. Nothing phases him. And he’s a really good pill taker!

      Rico is my one ear up dog. I LOVE his ears. He is very sweet and sensitive. he feels all the feels.



  11. Bender is a hoot. Love that sweet face. Sure hope he does ok.I lost my beloved Murph (Australian shepherd) in December. Still heartbroken but I enjoy seeing your dogs and their activities. And the bags.very beautiful.

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