Not Very Productive, But I Did Do Something

I was tired tonight so sat on the sofa after our evening walk and watched some TV. At around 10:00 I got up and went into my sewing room to get a little bit done on the lining for the bag I’m working on.

I managed to cut and fuse the lining and interfacing pieces, the slip and zipper pocket pieces, and the zipper placket pieces.

Since I’m going to sew this all together using black thread, I thought it wasn’t such a great idea to start on it when I was tired. So I’ll be happy tomorrow night when it’s all cut and ready to go!

Here’s how this will look with this bag. Both of the fabrics I cut are in the body of the bag. In fact, they are the fabrics in the 16-patch block.

When I’m working with these Aboriginal prints I can’t help but stop and appreciate all the intricate detail in the designs.

This red design and color way is one of my favorite Aboriginal designs. There’s just something magical about the reds and purples together.

And look at this!!!

And more detail…

One one more, just because it makes me happy!

Several weeks ago a friend of mine put some of her stash up for sale and I bought it immediately. It’s really not a typical color combo that I would gravitate to, but it included some sheep fabric that I really wanted.

A friend gave me several yards of that fabric on the top a number of years ago and I used it all up. I’ve been trying to find more for years but have never been able to locate it. So when I saw it for sale, I snatched it up. I got a total of 8 yards for $50. I’m thinking I will combine it with some of my border collie fabric into a basic quilt design, and maybe include some different black and white fabrics to brighten it all up a little.

Yup. Not my typical palette. But It would be a fun utilitarian quilt… maybe one to keep in the car. I’ll have to see how it turns out before I decide. But I’m happy to have some of that sheep fabric!

Spring is really going crazy here. The flowering plum trees are in bloom and you can smell them all over the neighborhood. there are daffodil blooms everywhere. And today I noticed that the first blooms on my flowering pear trees have opened up.

I have 11 of these trees in my back yard. I’ve planted them all over a few years. I just love them. They are ornamental, so don’t produce fruit and they grow in sort of a conical shape. Whoever buys my house eventually will wonder why I planted so many of them!!!

Today is National Puppy Day. I don’t know about you, but my social media feeds are just full of photos of puppies! I marked the day with a photo of the moment when my terriers Forrest and Skeeter met for the first time on the day I brought Skeeter home in 2008.

Forrest was a very special dog that has blessed my life. He was a very difficult dog to train, but he managed to earn multiple dog agility championships in two different competition venues. I often tell people that I put more effort into training him than I did in earning my college degree. He left this world held in my arms in 2017. He is the dog to which all future dogs will be compared and none will measure up.

This is my favorite photo of me and Forrest…

My friend Heather took this photo and I remember this day vividly. I was meeting Heather for a forest hike on a cold and wet May day. I was going to leave Forrest at home because he was 13 at the time and I thought the weather would be too hard on him. But he absolutely wouldn’t let me leave home without him. So I grabbed his coat and took him along. I knew that I would end up carrying him for a good portion of the hike. But I’m so glad I took him along. It was such a great day! And he had such a good time.

Here he is with all his border collie friends on that hike. They were all so wet and dirty!

And another photo from that hike that I just love….

Skeeter is now living with a friend of mine on Vashon Island, Washington. She probably lives a better life than I do. Here she is on the Puget Sound wrapped in a sweater and a coat.

She was an affectionate and sweet dog with people, but really needed to live in a house without other dogs. My friend Melanie had lost her dog several years previously and let me know she was looking for another dog. And it was a match made in heaven. Melanie refers to it as an open adoption! I could never have found a better home for Skeeter than with Melanie and her family. She is so well loved and cared for.

Skeeter went to live with Melanie a couple months before I brought Rico home for the first time. She will turn 14 on May 5. Cinco de Skeeter!

10 Replies to “Not Very Productive, But I Did Do Something”

  1. Love your dog stories. We bought a 5 year old Golden Retriever, named “Banner”, who needed to be an “only” dog… which is highly unusual for that breed. She was as sweet as they come with people and loved kids especially. She even liked cats! But other dogs were not her friend unless they were the “teacup” size.
    Her long life span was another extraordinary exception for a Golden Retriever. She lived to be 17 and was a wonderful companion for us.


  2. Love all the Forrest photos. I’ve been privileged to know some amazing companion animals over the years. When I read your doggy posts I remember the best of the wonderful. They’re soul mates aren’t they?
    The browns are not your usual but love both sheep fabrics. A car quilt sounds good. It will hide muddy dog paw prints 🤣


  3. Me again…… Forgot to mention how much I love the detail of the stylized woman in the Aboriginal fabric. A little mermaid-ish maybe?


  4. After reading this post, I have a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. I had a dog that left this earth last October. Although she was a super affectionate dog with us, it took her 4-5 minutes of craziness before she would calm down with visitors …. and she hated other dogs. Walking her was not a fun event. She probably should have been an only dog. Funny that our seizure dog who was here first is not very affectionate but does want to please us. If I had it to do over again … well, no use dwelling on all of that. Love that sheep fabric also! It is such a change from what you usually show. Cannot wait to see what you do with it.


  5. I enjoy your posts! I anxiously look thru each post for pictures of Rico and Bender. They warm my heart! I am an avid quilter and former owner of a border collie Min. She was the best dog ever ❤️. She was so eager to please and tuned into everyone our family. Please keep on sharing 🐾🐑.


  6. Good morning Anne! We live some of our lives in parallel…..dogs and sewing and gardens and enjoying the outdoors. You are a much more avid hiker than I am though. But I love my dogs like you do.

    I understand the special place you have in your heart for Forrest. Mine is an Aussie named Mia. Loved that girl.

    I love your new aboriginal bag. You mentioned having trouble keeping the quilting lines straight. Do you have a walking foot with the little sidearm guide on it? It seems like that would help when you are using dark thread.


  7. Amazing Aboriginal fabric! And the sheep will be perfect with the Border Collies 🤗. Skeeter is walking on some of the same beach rocks that I used to walk on! Vashon Island my old stomping grounds 😄. Wish I was there – sometimes wonder why I am San Antonio. Skeeter is so adorable! Thank you for sharing your beautiful memories of Forrest and great pictures! Yes indeed – we have memories of an irreplaceable fabulous doggie too! Forever in our hearts💕


  8. I keep thinking what a lovely kind person you are! I love your dogs. The stories about Skeeter are are wonderful. What a lovely dog. I live in Queensland Australia, have made a number of bags, but not tackled one of yours yet. Will do so very soon. Love your attitude to work and your bags are genius! I send my love to you. Robyn Gilbert

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Life it not easy right now for many of us. I’m pretty tired of this pandemic and don’t feel terribly positive and happy at times. I’m glad that doesn’t come through in my posts!

      Mostly, I’m suffering from boredom so the blog and all the people who read it help with the boredom. And I like the abilirty to be productive in making things. It’s more rewarding that doing house cleaning!


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