A Relatively Decent Thursday Evening

I’m absolutely loving having more light in the evening. I finished up work at 5:30, grabbed some dinner, and we were out walking by 6:30. It was wonderful to be out in shirt sleeves, with no rain, and so many different things blooming — and our entire three-mile walk was in daylight. Spring has arrived all of the sudden.

I’ll share some photos further down in this post… but first…

I wanted to finish up this Aboriginal fabric Frankenbag tonight. So I dug in after our walk and got it all put together. The little bit of prep work I did last night meant I was able to get right to work sewing and assembling.

Here’s the finished bag.

I really like all these dark fabrics. And the bag will be really practical. Might have to keep this one for myself.

Here’s the other side of the bag.

Here’s some detail of the bag.

I LOVE that red fabric on the inside! Gah!

Now I have no idea what I’m going to make next. Maybe another octopus bag combined with Aboriginal fabrics. Thinking of going the blue and purple route this time. I’ll have to see what mood I’m in tomorrow night.

Oh, and I think I’m going to dig into scraps and make another pile of key fobs. I’ve actually given away almost all of the ones I made previously.

Ok, now for some photos of everything blooming around my neighborhood.

Cherry trees! They are kind of a thing in Portland. These are ornamental. The blooms are the softest pink and they just glow in the sunlight. The picture doesn’t do them justice.

And this magnolia tree is just loaded with these amazing purple blooms. And the tree itself it so pretty.

This next tree is in my next door neighbor’s yard. I’m not sure what it is… gardenia? Camelia? Not sure, but it’s really pretty. That bloom is about four inches across.

My plant identification app told me that this pretty pink bloom was a peach.

There are lots of flowering plums and apples everywhere. You can smell them in the air.

I’m starting to see the first azaleas blooming. There will be a lot more of these coming!

Lots of things low to the ground blooming too.


Grape hyacinth.

Greek Anemones.

I don’t know what this one is and I didn’t check my app. But it’s pretty.

And the candy tuft is one of my favorite spring bloomers.

Oregon grape is another really lovely aromatic plant. It’s considered an invasive species.

And this lovely bush is a red-flowering currant. The blooms are so delicate.

All this and spring is just getting started!

35 Replies to “A Relatively Decent Thursday Evening”

  1. The aboriginal bag turned out lovely, practical is good. Thank you for sharing all the beautiful blosoom’s of spring happening in your part of the world, Looking forward to flowers happening here on the east coast ! Have a great weekend ! Niki

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    1. I agree that practical is good. For me, part of the beauty of something I make is that it’s functional. I always feel bad when I give someone something I made and they’re afraid to use it.


  2. You are so energetic and productive, a real inspiration sharing the dogs, your bag skills & photography. I’m in New Zealand so we’re watching the autumnal colours. I loved the photos of the spring flowers.

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    1. I have friends in Australia and we argue every year about who is taking and losing the sun! It’s so odd to have opposite seasons! It’s so hard to imagine celebrating Christmas in the heat of the summer!


  3. I look forward to waking up each morning and reading your posts. Your bags are beautiful, and so is your way of writing about beautiful Oregon and the things you experience. I live in Wisconsin, and can’t wait for Spring to start showing it’s colors. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

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    1. My brother lives near Madison. I’m not sure I could take your cold winters, or your summer mosquitos! Our winters are usually quite mild… not warm and balmy, but certainly not frigid.


  4. Love the purse! Thanks for the beautiful flowers, one of the things I miss in Florida is the flowers in the spring.

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  5. Beautiful bag, I love the galaxy effect those wonderful fabrics give. And so lovely to see your spring flowers. I’m interested that the seasons where you are mirror those in the south of England, where I live, and we have all those spring blossoms as well. Although peach isn’t one what people grow here so much as it can be more tender. Our clocks go forward this Sunday so we’ll be getting more light in the evenings as well, which I love too.

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    1. OUr climates may be similar. It rains here pretty much from October through May… although the last few winters have been quite dry. WE do occasionally get some snow, but not much. I htink we only got below freezing four or five times this winter. Winter here is very green!

      When spring comes, it arrives with a bang!



  6. Like hwells3131 I miss all the spring blooming. SW Florida where I live has other nice features though so can’t complain. Your newest Aboriginal bag is one of my favorites. I love how all the dark swirls blend into mystery. Thanks always for your posts and photos about your world!

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  7. Thanks for all the flowery posts. Wanting our spring to hurry up. The small blue purple flowers are scilla.
    Love the bag. Very rich colors. And the pop of color inside is perfect. A matching key fob to that bright color maybe?

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  8. I love the black, green, and white aboriginal fabric. What fabric shop do you use and do they have an online store? What possessed me to begin ALL of the Judy Niemeyer quilts?

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    1. There’s a local shop near me that has a good selection. They have an online shop and do ship. Pioneer Quilts in Milwaukie, Oregon. You can find it with a google search.

      You can always take a break from a current project!



  9. That purple magnolia is beautiful! I remember waiting for spring when living in the pacific NW. enjoy all of nature’s bounty ! 💖 my local quilt shop hosts a show and share 1st Saturday of the month and in March you were the topic of conversation and everyone wants to make a frankenbag 💖

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  10. Beautiful bags, wonderful tutorials, but just a little correction. Oregon grape (Mahonia aquifolium) is the Oregon state flower and is not invasive. Mahonia bealei, or leatherleaf mahonia, is from China and is invasive, particularly in southeastern US. It looks different from our Oregon grape.

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    1. I give some as gifts and sell some. I don’t really make them with the intention of selling them. It’s just nice to be able to sell a few so I don’t end up buried under a pile of bags!


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