Playing With Purples… and Greens

I felt a little fresher tonight so I pulled out that curved template I made earlier this week and started cutting. I narrowed down the fabrics I had selected to five… three KFC fabrics and two Aboriginal designs.

That’s a very different looking set of fabrics than the orange and blue. There’s not as much contrast, so even though the panels will be essentially the same, the bag will look very different.

I managed to get all five blocks sewn tonight. Here’s four of them.

Definitely less contrast than the blue and orange. And the thing I see the most are the sections of the green jumble. That’s because it contrasts with pretty much every other fabric I’m using and it almost reads as a solid in this grouping.

Someone commented on my Instagram post the other night that my blocks are all so nice and regular. And I replied that they are actually pretty wonky when they are all sewn together. I just press and steam the hell out of them and then square them up. Here’s the first one I made tonight.

It’s almost embarrassing to post that photo! It’s so wonky — but less wonky than some of the curved blocks I’ve made recently. But once squared up, it looks really good. And the beauty of how I’m using this is that there’s no need for precision as none of the seams have to match anything else.

Here’s a block I like better. It has more contrast and you can see all the curves really well. If you’re going to bother with sewing all these curves, you should at least get to SEE them!

This one will be on the front of the bag. Here’s all the blocks that will be on the front of the bag. I haven’t finished that panel yet.

It won’t take me long to finish that up tomorrow night. Here’s the one panel that I finished tonight.

That green jumble is strong. I’m glad I cut up that block that had the jumble as the large corner piece. It needed to be tamed! And isn’t it amazing how many different shades of purple there are… all in this one bag!!!

Bender was playing with a felted wool dog toy today as I worked. And when I looked down a few minutes later, he had fallen asleep with the toy around his neck.

And then I realized that he was much more stuck!

How in the world did he manage to pull that off?

16 Replies to “Playing With Purples… and Greens”

  1. Double WOW on this new combo of fabrics and the blocks you’ve created! The bag you’re creating is a stunner. You give me so much inspiration – thank you.

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  2. Love this. I am curious where you find your aboriginal fabrics as I have not been able to find any in my local quilt stores. Do you have a favorite on-line store for them?

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    1. There are some good sellers on Etsy. I just ordered some from ArtFabricStudios on Etsy. I also have a local shop that has a pretty good selection and they have an online store: Pioneer Quilts in Milwaukie Oregon.



  3. You’ve got a wonderful happy accident going on with one of these blocks. The block with watermelons on the outside has two black aboriginal fabric curves, each looks like the head of a crow, the eye is in the perfect place!
    I’m guessing that Bender was pretty surprised by his loopy situation too! Silly dog!

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    1. I walked into my sewing room this morning to look at that, and you’re right… and it gives me ideas for applique! Hmmm. and I love crows… I have hundreds of them around my house.


  4. Bender: see what happens when you won’t pay attention to me Mom!!!
    I believe has recently included some aboriginals in their stock. Also, I just saw the most striking fabric with a bright pinky lavender color in it on batiks etcetera & see what fabrics. Not sure if it’s a true aboriginal but it sure looks like it.
    I like that leaf KFC but it works better when cut in a vertical fashion like the big background. When it flows horizontally along the arch it blends and gets lost. Imho. This bag is going to be a work of art!


  5. I love your new creation! Looks like Bender was having so much fun wrestling with that ring! Mom to the rescue💕. I have a challenge to make a purse for my 18 yr old granddaughter – out of pastel colors… That will be a challenge. I love bright fun colors like you!

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    1. Well, I forced myself to work with those really light batiks and I really enjoyed it. It’s not a place I want to be all the time, but it was sort of refreshing and calming… sort of palate cleansing!


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